FGTEEV MOM vs DAD GAMING CHALLENGE! Hello Neighbor Sausage Eater? 7+ iOS App Games Parents Battle

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FGTEEV MOM vs DAD GAMING CHALLENGE! Hello Neighbor Sausage Eater? 7+ iOS App Games Parents Battle
FGTEEV MOM vs DAD GAMING CHALLENGE! Hello Neighbor Sausage Eater? 7+ iOS App Games Parents Battle thumb FGTEEV MOM vs DAD GAMING CHALLENGE! Hello Neighbor Sausage Eater? 7+ iOS App Games Parents Battle thumb FGTEEV MOM vs DAD GAMING CHALLENGE! Hello Neighbor Sausage Eater? 7+ iOS App Games Parents Battle thumb


  • i can actually do it I'm just testing duddy
  • so pls
  • no Shawn is, not me.Actully your more weak than Shawn.
  • bring it on doddy
  • Come on
  • cheateeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr!
  • So who's weak now? Huh?
  • You make a stronger, but better than you Jamie know you're glad a game battle. It's good. Talk. Wow it's
  • Captain all right all right
  • So [you] think that you can also beat me at gaming I can't ah I'm leaving you
  • What does that everybody this is my width?
  • On her hip and we're going to do a head versus whether my hip
  • Gameplay what hip my hip hip when I dip you dip we did chip chip what I don't hear [that] compile
  • five blocks one and game six
  • And we're just gonna see what its gonna play real quick. So we're just gonna settle this show him. Who's boss
  • Who can win that'd [be] me?
  • Because he's a loser loser double loser. I had something in my to thread there, so I wasn't listening
  • What did you say?
  • What little ended up losing you want to start with with sausage day show up check this out all this is called sausage
  • De Chelly figure here this this
  • Is the hello Neighbor guy sausage?
  • Actually kind of look like I'm a little bit anyways. He's hungry for postage. Oh
  • Boy, do you stop this to watch me? I'm going and now this is not where cuz what I'm squirrel a lot I
  • Offworld practice for here we go. There's my first time and oh
  • my goodness
  • I'm sleeping. Oh actually I'm not lying, [but] that's my best good dirty is my best score the other kid
  • No, you practice while I was sleeping
  • you've been awake this, holy the games yes, I did try to get 30 and
  • Yeah, well started actually doing kind of good
  • No
  • No, this is like this like flappy bird. I was queen of fucking bird
  • You're a queen of a loser bird
  • 25-30 Dad one point Mom zero point. [this] [is] all
  • See it those are beautiful people out there in youtube land hey guys hey you get last year
  • I've got one you know that means right
  • I'm winning sit the frat never we eaten a lot of sausage for a wolf Chunky in her abdomen region
  • I just music speckle the [charny] fix up that
  • I'm gonna do with [jumping] there's a little rope three two one you have to press the rover the right time like that
  • To go around around we're gonna see who can jump the most is 400 pounds
  • Yes, you see how many soldiers using the swing easy
  • Sausage is not twinks. I already watched me and
  • 12 okay my scores 20 Mike. There's only one. I am you go 100
  • ha
  • George Lie still
  • Another score is two to one but now I have one angel [has] one
  • Okay, fine may. We call you a loser so that messed up of I say you're only better at the back games
  • that means congratulations you are the
  • Fattest player and not it's tough me oh
  • That's just skin sort of fat now. We're going to try this game
  • Here is called fists of furry because that's here. It isn't sheamus nuts. Are you ready? Why is that man, Mr.?
  • Miyagi you just have to punch guys did not let me get you
  • Thank you
  • Yeah that I meant to hit the spot which I change the character. Hey, no be Mr.. Miyagi. I
  • Wanna [Beam] is dis leon?
  • all these guys costs 500
  • Wait, all I could almost get bowel samples. I'm getting I'm gonna be monk suck
  • Are you ready intro what's this boom swip [ur]?
  • dipper Flipper Clipper Chipper Whipper Snipper Snipper with black sheep James the Bank bank saying length
  • Wallace is out today. This is the heart of the continent 40 points
  • Yeah, that score. Let's just pretend that 247. I ready anyway. Yeah, no, I'll fighter practice rough Breakdown
  • I haven't had much practice either from just so good at it
  • Are you ready? Are you ever play on your mark get set go?
  • Come on. Mommy. She's got 41 something and she could be point 1 hey, you gotta talk
  • I was talking what yes I can't kimball says I'll talk free
  • C13 you distracted me look distraction. Oh wait is this tour of my trying when I was starting to it's better to 13 no
  • fine
  • 13 actually I got 73 because you got 47 I had some uh Thursday Bobby boucher
  • What's the score two to one I to you?
  • 12 D one call to my rescue Rose rush hero, all right so check this out
  • Just like when the hair you guys from Dr.. Seuss yeah, yeah, yeah, I got
  • Bottle flip first we're Gonna should play that
  • [okay], so good right now. I'm so vomit bottle flipping. What's up this that you play Rush hero
  • It's the flu got you got to tap in
  • I'm just showing them just show no
  • And you can move on with your finger back and forth to try to avoid the little hairy hey ball
  • So here we go now and it's my turn for real punch
  • It's like the hero watch out for falling down boom. I got [never] I got two three four. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh wow
  • And boo got 18 the best scores on my iPads are never even fine 18 now mine tells true like cheaters
  • We have a kid named cheaters
  • Look what were you going to tell me about them. Oh yeah, are you gonna? Talk what I'm
  • Talkin talk when I play oh
  • tickles cut it out little rascally rabbit so we have talked at all to
  • Do the score is two to Etc?
  • some
  • Magic River are really two which one you want to play?
  • Hey
  • [all] [right], which one place really to
  • Really to to let my dog out to play that game zip game is all about just pick it out risk ready
  • Doc or they'll just tap the right side to really jack the lips guys do break to us. I sat really really really really
  • but what you don't want to do is you don't want to let your
  • back touch poor
  • Your front wheel touch that means you're out our ocean, we're messing
  • Up my chains or a little lighter show your jeans come on show your jeans [lap] [for]
  • [the] [head] looks twice um I gotta just glue my butt on this chair great and
  • Nice, all right there. We go you ready Mama. I think let me
  • Lick, but I I'd here I go wait horn
  • can I like take a new character wow get square didn't hurt what some even have enough money for the
  • amazing frog
  • Dude, there's so many cool peeps. How do I get back to my guy though? That's him so doofy. I'm like oh
  • Yeah
  • I was just at the studio's Da let's do this
  • But you have to sing a song while your plants awesome song anything and the dog okay first thing there was a man
  • Website that bike was super cool
  • He was riding on these hills cuz he had to get to school his mama said Joe
  • You could not be no fool, but you get a hundred and four meters
  • Siendo quattro mute, you can have one practice round
  • Cuz I'm that night that's how sure I am of my house you practice like 10 times
  • fine practice end Dansko number
  • 148 and that's how do you like it takes to get the center of the company box?
  • Fifth Braddock's come on such a cheese
  • eat
  • Stop the Tickells
  • Eating your arm. You know could you just put your arm your fingers in my pit, dude. I like almost joined
  • We're conjoined twins
  • All right, hey my left side
  • Mary had a
  • horrible Motor scooter
  • Alrighty just go on 322 right. Yeah, you know that means mommy. We have one more game here
  • If it goes through the tree will find a Tiebreaker game [alright], and that will be arm wrestling not again
  • Are you prove them great that number game number six Mozzie [River] ketchup? Yeah?
  • You don't put ketchup on your sandwich. So what it was when we can play that game once I play that game
  • It's a cool boarders remember let's play your other cool boarders. Oh
  • You remember that okay see this guy when you press it once it goes that way especially it goes that way you can only press
  • Joey wat tap tap tap like you can't control it it [just] goes left right left, right?
  • So no matter what wait what yeah, it's really weird. Here's you try
  • Now you know fear it steers on its own. You just tap it I?
  • Have a feeling I'm gonna win this game. All right everybody got this and we're going down the mountain
  • Like a song they're showing that a sharpie malarkey oh
  • [what'd] [you] get try it for God's what's going with A
  • What for 14 not me?
  • The kid takes always, please all my sake Malarkey gestures though
  • I may be tried each one of these days for total like to travel about winning now charcoal
  • No
  • No
  • You won't help you my nephew say suck a banana peel and now it's a third
  • Three against three we disallow this game now. You definitely notice is even because I
  • Never tried know where this boy
  • He's sitting on that like a date boy
  • Well, you know it's Gotta be the sole
  • So it can't be gay and dont cuz wheels don't work or frozen ice frozen water is frozen, right?
  • This is speed up tap to Boost ok
  • Captain Bruce K sath the Booze
  • What does that shock mark? I jump it jump?
  • Again, and what does it doesn't hold?
  • Yo, I'm gonna win. Are you you get it? Yeah? You want to try it again now
  • You're just so just so it's best you try tutorial
  • Got it got it. [all] right here. We go tap this door follow that yellow whoa and boom
  • Boom what three I got 30?
  • And Michael so dinky you can't beat me in this please don't stone
  • What does oh no no no no wow?
  • I
  • keep going I keep going no ah
  • I'll take a dive you had three yeah, the way. Yeah, this [girl] is tagged
  • I will play it again and start start your engines tap it down and stop
  • Yeah, look at that. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa? What would? I do next. What do I do next oh?
  • I got okay do okay
  • I'm going over and boom and boom and boom and boom and boom
  • I got like a perfect. I am thank you
  • I lucky I know a girl will run a wall Schumann, Red, LOL. Try Say Ruby hard
  • [9] I love it wait you got 11, [Olympia] Dawn chong Mike wait. I'll wait a minute
  • Look, we can't even tell is this one
  • Because it's a different
  • Does that beat the obstacle course so we can relate a level do it unknown virtual all right?
  • We need to play not another quick game another quick quick quick quick game
  • I wanted to do this as a family video
  • But we'll just do a little too
  • If you guys want to see it, then we're going to need to see 14 thousand billion light sometimes
  • I you'll be that way. I'll be displayed and it's just like [there's] [a] tank game, and that turns on its own. Yeah
  • Well first to five wins. We're just doing the first score
  • first go to win
  • Yes, now. Yeah, ok I want to [I] think we [should] play all four but right four of us
  • That'd be cool alright guys
  • Thank you so much for watching this video puffs up for dad sup sup Vermont sup souther month us up for daddy yet and there
  • Will check you guys later. Thanks for watching
  • 01 see what it's like to fall down your butt no, [oh]
  • Show yourself you coward show your status. Oh, yes, frankie cute. Oh, yeah might throw something at tooth
  • I'll give it back over it rematch what?

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Duddy & Moomy go head to head in a gaming battle with over 7 iOS App Games! Whoever wins gets one point, parent with the most points wins!!!! :) Thumbs up for the fun!

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