FESPA Print Census - Customer Demands

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02:12   |   Jan 14, 2019


FESPA Print Census - Customer Demands
FESPA Print Census - Customer Demands thumb FESPA Print Census - Customer Demands thumb FESPA Print Census - Customer Demands thumb


  • FESPA funds this global research because it is one of a number of
  • benefits that we offer to our community there are 37 associations across the
  • globe and this is a valuable piece of research that they'll be able to pass on
  • to their respective members in their countries
  • we see several trends driving the industry in strategies for print
  • providers to address customer needs one of the main drivers in the industry is
  • mass customisation mass customisation means that the end users are looking for
  • products that suit their needs that meet their personality and things of that
  • nature to meet those needs we've asked our survey participants what are they
  • doing to address those needs about 60% of them said they're moving into
  • just-in-time manufacturing processes namely addressing their inventories
  • they're blank materials and things of that nature and producing only what they
  • need when orders are coming in additionally what we see from those
  • customers is continued need for fast turnaround fast turnaround is continued
  • to drop in the several few years we see 72% of our respondents indicating that
  • continues to go down with most today indicating that 48 hours is a total time
  • needed for final product in the shipping base to the customers leaving scan time
  • for production additionally what we see as a result of the need for
  • customisation but 61% of our respondents telling us that they're seeing they're
  • seeing shorter and shorter runs that means that a run length of the jobs are
  • getting smaller their repeatability of the job becomes such that they need to
  • process many of them through the day which kind of ties back to the narrative
  • that mass customization is driving changes in the operations of those
  • companies

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