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  • The first animated character in film history
  • was introduced to us by Pat Sullivan on May 9th, 1919.
  • And that was...
  • a black cat...
  • ... named, Felix.
  • Felix The Cat is a familiar figure
  • in aviation history, as well.
  • Charles Lindbergh!
  • Flying with his famous plan Spirit of St. Louis,
  • Lindbergh had took off from New York
  • and landed on Paris, in May 1927.
  • That was the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • And Charles Lindbergh
  • had a Felix The Cat doll
  • with him on the plane
  • to bring him good luck while crossing the Atlantic.
  • A few months after Lindbergh's flight,
  • in October same year, in 1927,
  • it was a female pilot taking off
  • for an attempt to cross over
  • the Atlantic with her plane.
  • Ruth Elder!
  • Unfortunately, female pilot Elder
  • was not as lucky as Lindbergh was.
  • She had to crash-land in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Just like Lindbergh,
  • Ruth Elder had also
  • had a Felix The Cat doll
  • with her on the flight for good luck.
  • While in hospital for recovery, Elder received a telegram
  • that read:
  • "Don’t worry, I’m ok! I made land safe and sound. See you!"
  • "Signed by, Felix."
  • The person who sent
  • the telegram to female pilot Elder
  • in Felix's name,
  • was no other than its creator, Pat Sullivan.

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İlk çizgi film kahramanı, Pat Sullivan'ın 9 Mayıs 1919 gününde bize armağan ettiği siyah bir kedidir, adı da Felix. Biz bu kara kedi Felix'i havacalık tarihinde de görürüz...