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Pleasure Studies, Episode 9
Now available wherever you get your podcasts.

Whether internal or outward, the circumstances we’re thrust into invariably shape who we become, and the mark we make on the world. Here are the stories of three people who’ve adapted to exceptionally harsh environments by tapping into untold reserves of imagination and moral courage: Ed Dwight, a former Air Force pilot...
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Glenn Peison
From now until DEC 13 we are running a Holiday Sale at .

All proceeds from merchandise sales this calendar year will benefit Alexandria House, with the one exception being our cookbook, which benefits Community Food Centres Canada.

For more info please visit alexandriahouse.org and cfccanada.ca.

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Jane Achen
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Luís Melriça
In Berlin last summer at the 37d03d residency, I got to put on headphones and close my eyes and sing with Leonard Cohen. It was and is a great honour to join him in this last dance. Truly a moment out of time, for me. I’m simultaneously felt like a child at the foot of mountain and the grey-braided, sparkle-eyed old woman I intend to be one day a few decades from now. Somehow I could be all...

Leonard Cohen - The Story of Thanks for the Dance

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Philippe Quillevere
Going dark from this inter-matrix for a while while I squint into the dazzling light of the intra-matrix. Gonna be stoking the in-folded flame with all 6 senses. Wishing clarity and good times to all, until soon.

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Dominique Grand
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Cliff Gulliver
Here’s to my Motley Crew. It was a really joy you see you again, America. And to play music where hockey happens, an unexpectedly warm experience, thanks to all the @BonIver camp created, for you and for us.

X f

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Teymoor Tanweer
10 years ago, yesterday. Chilly Gonzales and I, the Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir of Nina Simone covers

Gonzales live with Feist (Toronto, Sept 30, 2009)

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Robert M. Feist
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Richard Class
Feist posted on Sep 22, 2019

Hear Leonard Cohen's First Posthumous Song From Upcoming Album

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Jeffery Williams
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