FEASTING at Japanese DEPARTMENT STORE Mitsukoshi in Tokyo Japan

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FEASTING at Japanese DEPARTMENT STORE Mitsukoshi in Tokyo Japan
FEASTING at Japanese DEPARTMENT STORE Mitsukoshi in Tokyo Japan thumb FEASTING at Japanese DEPARTMENT STORE Mitsukoshi in Tokyo Japan thumb FEASTING at Japanese DEPARTMENT STORE Mitsukoshi in Tokyo Japan thumb


  • Oh my gosh. Oh its so good.
  • Now ever since I came to this country last time, I've been wanting to do something that may sound strange to a lot of people in
  • The US and that is: Eat at a department store. But eating at department stores is a common thing here in Japan
  • not only because it's convenient, but the food is
  • Top-notch quality.
  • So I'm here at Mitsukoshi, a huge department store
  • One of the biggest in Tokyo and this is a place where you can get everything from clothing to cosmetics to kimonos
  • But I'm really interested in these two floors. This is where you're gonna find a huge amounts of just random foods
  • Kinda like a massive food court, and this is where you're gonna find a grocery store. You guys ready? Let's do this
  • As soon as you arrive on this floor, all I smell,
  • Is, are things I want to eat and usually I mean, this is a workday
  • so there's not a lot of people here, but usually there's always a line and
  • Everything is so colorful, and it looks delicious
  • That is a flower cookie
  • Wow
  • Everything is just so beautiful
  • Look at the pastries here
  • They have magnolia cake, oh
  • By the way, Dominique Ansel's who else so there's basically a massive savory section
  • Wow
  • Beef on beef on steak over rice. Look at this. Look how good this looks.
  • Oh my gosh I'm getting a little one cuz I gotta consider my stomach then there's another section of bakery items
  • There's another one just full of desserts just crazy looking awesome desserts I've ever seen this place is making me dizzy
  • Because it's like going to the biggest buffet I've ever been to my life and I just don't know what to get
  • I have no clue. So
  • I don't know
  • Let's just start a little bit at a time. Oh also this thing looks good looks like some mochi with some tamago
  • It's colorful and there's a lemon I'm getting it. This should go well with my beef guys
  • I might have fallen in love with this place. I mean, there's just endless things to eat here. Wow
  • There's even a sushi stall here. I could come here every single day
  • I think for months, and never run out of options tons of fish grilled
  • marinated ooh
  • That sea bass looks insane. And since I'm in Tokyo, I got to get some tempura. Look at all the different selections
  • This looks like some come combo vegetable and I'm thinking a piece of fish. Wonderful
  • Auntie told me that these two are the best sellers here
  • It's beautiful. Oh my god, arigatou gozaimasu, so pretty and there it is a
  • Little bento. Oh, that's awesome.
  • Oh I gotta get some skewers and they cannot walk by skewers without getting some of this
  • This looks absolutely amazing, this is their best seller some kind of melon bread. This is crazy. That's a chocolate sandwich
  • Chocolate and cream cheese. Oh my god and look at all their sandwiches here
  • this is like
  • So insanely good. I'm also getting a blueberry sandwich. I love the fruit so much. I also want to eat
  • Um, if I should get this stuff, oh, it's strawberry season right now
  • Can't look away from this egg. Sandwich is number one bestseller
  • It's beautiful and to eat you go up to a ninth floor where there is a terrace. So for drinks
  • You can always rely on the vending machine
  • I know it's a lot of bags, but this is the happiest I've ever been shopping in a department store
  • Let's eat. This is my lunch from a department store. I love food shopping
  • Like I mentioned before last year when I came to Tokyo I was walking through these department stores
  • There were so many people especially during rush hour buying food didn't get a chance to buy anything
  • Until today, and I've been thinking about it ever since so this time
  • I went a little overboard. Now the food here is it's not cheap. Although it's quite expensiv,. there's not a lot of food here
  • I'm just kind of looking at this. I'm like I can take this pretty easily so
  • Let's start
  • itadakimasu
  • This is one of the prettiest things I saw when I was walking through the food court, it was just beautiful
  • Slices of thin beef look at this
  • Perfectly cooked to medium-rare and we got thin slices of beef here as well
  • look some peppers looks like some onions
  • All over a beautiful bit of rice. So first thing I gotta do I gotta try the steak out. Look at that. Oh,
  • my gosh
  • Like so incredibly buttery and you can see the marbling on this piece of beef right look at this
  • There's not a lot of lean meat on this so much fat on this piece of beef
  • Look look at a beautiful road map that marbling
  • Makes this beef, as soon as it hits your mouth. It just dissolves into butter. Oh my gosh, this is
  • Absolutely incredible. I'm so mad, I didn't get the bigger box now and let's try some of this beef with rice
  • First thing I'm eating here. You guys gotta get this, you really do. There's good ones. Just get ones with like, tons of this.
  • This is fantastic Wagyu. And then we're gonna add some pickles some peppers
  • onto to this beef and see what happens here Oh
  • Pickled vegetables. Fantastic nice and crunchy really awesome texture change this box. I
  • Knew it
  • as soon as I saw this
  • I told myself I was gonna love this and I have fallen in love with this. This little box is really interesting looks like some kind of
  • tofu roll right here
  • But I mean the outside is noodles and just gonna add some some soy sauce to it a little bit of mustard
  • Oh, wow on the inside. I taste a little tofu, a little chicken. This is like a little dumpling
  • Holy come, I mean the ramen burgers or even ramen pieces right now
  • But using noodles as a wrapper for a dumpling. That might be the most genius move of all, this is excellent
  • Excellent, and this is a tamago. Well, I think it's fish cake on the outside
  • You can see the beautiful outside shell and the delicate egg on the inside. I
  • Didn't have high hopes for this because it looks just kind of regular but holy cow is amazing when you bite through the outer skin
  • Which is nice and chewy and delicious by the way the inside it's like it's made
  • of pure silk, and this thing is not too eggy. The texture is
  • Absolutely. Fantastic
  • little chewy
  • extremely truly soft on the inside
  • Oh my gosh this I'm like sad right now because I feel like once I didn't even Tokyo
  • I never have this again you guys ever say that movies Downsizing? I wish I on the plane here
  • I wish I could downsize
  • Myself and just dive into this thing and just go to town and they still have enough of the rest of the week. Incredible
  • Yeah, I got a couple of pieces of mochi here, mochi popsicle
  • Even the mochi's amazing in this box
  • This box
  • I hate to say it might be better than my beef box. You know what, I shouldn't say that. I'm sorry. Maybe just get both
  • You know what I'm gonna do, gonna take my beef box, put my chicken meatballs in it
  • I'm going to save a little bit of rice. I'll tell you why because I got this massive piece
  • Of sea bass right here and they gave me the little sauce pack to go with it.
  • Again this would be something that wouldd be really good if it's fresh off the stove
  • And that's one thing I, you know, don't love about this department store
  • I wish you like I wish - I wish this actually serve hot food and I get why they don't so the fish is not
  • As tender as it would be if it was hot, but still looks really darn good. Oh
  • that's good.
  • I was like as soon as I bit into it, it round-house kicked me in the face with its flavor because I implied that
  • I wasn't tasting enough. The fish is actually really really tender a little bit sweetness to it
  • Definitely taste the soy sauce as well. And this will go perfectly with my leftover rice
  • This an amazing amazing piece of fish
  • Mm, it's so flavorful might not just the outside for the sauces. Look how juicy this is guys
  • I mean the meat doesn't come off really easy because it's a bit cold
  • Look at this. See all that juice that's in this fish
  • So far everything I had today
  • Top quality stuff. Next up really excited. I'm gonna keep the fish next to me because I'm gonna need your help later
  • I'm gonna keep this by the way after I finish this look at this
  • it's like
  • I've only seen these in like animes like, you know,
  • [sped up talking] the girl likes a guy she tricks him into going to the beach
  • There's also a competitor girl and they both bring like a little bento box shaped just like this.
  • The one girls really good cook down or food looks very intricate and delicate and delicious
  • and the other girls just made a huge dumpling
  • [Normal voice] Yeah, I watch a little too much anime.
  • Anyway what I love about Japanese food. So much of it is
  • Presentation it's like I'm staring at a rainbow right now.
  • It's got almost every single color in here and it's arranged so
  • Delicately and beautifully and guys, that's not all the surprise. It just keeps coming tada
  • Secret compartment number two. This one looks like some fatty beef some veggies and some peas.
  • Okay, you guys you guys hang on over here? Cuz don't, don't block the star of this dish. Come on
  • Alright, this is the star look at it. Look at the beef.
  • I mean again, it's cold
  • Well, you can see the fat on these slices of beef
  • And of course that's all covering a layer of white rice
  • I really almost don't even want to, want to eat this because like it's just so ridiculously pretty but
  • But I gotta. The red snapper
  • It's good, but the sea bass was so amazing it kind of overshadows this a bit
  • Still a solid piece of fish
  • Nice and clean. No fishiness to it.
  • The fish is cooked in some kind of wine sauce. The tamago.
  • I should have saved for the end because it's nice and sweet
  • Tempura shrimp is lovely
  • That was a piece of ginger, wow, I didn't realize that. Ok, I gotta chase the ginger with some fatty beef and rice
  • Mushrooms were insane
  • And this thing almost kind of just like a like a crab meat ball
  • I think that's some crab with maybe some rice mixed in here. I gotta be honest
  • I was really excited about this tray because how pretty it looks
  • My favorite thing in it is the fatty beef. Actually this meatball is really good.
  • But everything else it's more pretty than tasty at least for me. So I'm gonna count this as a sort of a miss
  • OH Got a big scotch egg. I think this might go good with my rice
  • Wow, that is a welcoming sight.
  • Oh
  • Oh yes, please. Yolk me up
  • [music]
  • Mm, that yolk, that's exactly what this rice needed
  • So so creamy so with the melty egg
  • And my sea bass and the beef that sort of just saved this entire bento box.
  • Alright, i got the tempura over here.
  • This is all still kind of crispy. This is the fish. Okay. It's a cuttlefish
  • You know what this is not break-apart-able but you gotta just bite this
  • As much as that still tasted really good maybe tempura isn't something you buy at the department store because
  • I mean you need this like just freshly fried really crispy and the flavor is still there and it does taste really good,
  • But the crunchiness have all but left this a long time ago
  • It's now almost kind of breaking my teeth so don't do tempura when you come here.
  • don't do it unless you want to take it home, refry it or something
  • cuttlefish still not bad, though
  • Alright the next thing.
  • I'm really really excited about check out the beauty. That is this egg sandwich right here. Look at that
  • Stare in awe at this beauty. This is like the Halle Berry of egg sandwiches
  • Looks like little green beans on top a little a salad and the most beautiful soft-boiled egg
  • Also, there's a slight layer of cucumber on the inside as well. I'll bet you guys money. This is gonna be "eggsactly"
  • Get it "eggs-act"?
  • This is gonna be exactly as good as it looks. Oh
  • Oh
  • Oh my gosh, oh it's so good.
  • Oh It's so good. I mean the egg salad itself. It's flavored so nicely it's not overly salty
  • It's just got a beautiful creamy eggy taste.
  • So you get that hit of egg from the egg salad,
  • Which is already fantastic and this beautiful egg enters the scene and the two different flavors of eggs
  • It's enough to give you a culinary shellshock
  • Right there, I taste the egg salad
  • and then
  • By the way, beautiful crunch of the cucumbers and green beans and then
  • There it is.
  • That second egg oh,
  • Oh, you can taste the difference between the texture. There's so much more depth of flavor in that solid egg yolk. This. Oh
  • I'll be thinking about this on my flight back to New York. Alright now that I'm done with the savory stuff
  • It's time for dessert yeah
  • I'm so excited because there's a couple things I bought that I have no idea that they even existed
  • I'm so excited to try first of all
  • This is a melon bun and I remember getting a melon bun when I was getting it with ice cream in Osaka last year
  • Though this is the top seller of this particular bakery. I can tell it's nice and hard on the outside here and it's truly
  • Gentle here. It's like a little porcupine like a melon sweet deserty porcupine. I'm just gonna break it apart
  • I'm hoping there's something oh, yeah. Yep. I was hoping there's something inside and there is look at that
  • There's some kind of custard and there's little pieces of what looks like honeydew
  • Oh
  • You will love this scratch that you will really love this
  • On the inside it looks like a honeydew puree with chunks of honeydew, it's like you're invited to a party
  • And then only melons showed up. The outside kind of tastes like a Chinese pineapple bun. With crusted sugar inside
  • It's so beautifully gentle. This is the essence of the bun right here my god, is it ever delicious? I feel like
  • But there is a way to make it better, if you take this, break it in half like I just did
  • Stuff it with some ice cream. I think then even though this is a melon bun your taste buds gonna go bananas legit
  • If you, if you guys are in Japan right now
  • If you're watching this video come to this department store and get this bun, buy a tub of ice cream
  • You guys will be even happier than I am right now eating this this is this is just so insanely delicious
  • All right, next up. This is something really interesting. I've never seen it before when I did see it. I
  • Questioned it I asked a person behind the counter and said: Is that really what I think it is? and she confirmed it
  • So I bought it
  • introducing the
  • First chocolate sandwich I've ever seen in my life. Have you ever seen a chocolate sandwich before?
  • I've never seen a chocolate sandwich before maybe you've seen a lot more things than I have. But this is a chocolate cream cheese
  • Sandwich. I love this country. They make everything in the sandwiches strawberry and cream blueberry and cream chocolate and cream cheese
  • on like a baguette, no less.
  • Three pieces of chocolate and you see the cream cheese that's on the bottom of this chocolate
  • It's interesting it's very interesting first of all, I don't know if you guys heard
  • You get a crunch from the outer shell of the baguette then you get a crunch from the chocolate itself. Is it delicious?
  • Yeah, because every single ingredient here is awesome. Baguette is awesome, chocolate c'mon it's chocolate cream cheese
  • who doesn't love cream cheese, you know it just work really well together
  • Wouldn't that be even better
  • just a bunch of hot, of hot cocoa or something
  • Now, I got this next sandwich because when I was at 7-eleven, I got the strawberry cream sandwich
  • That's one of the most amazing things I've ever had sandwich wise. So this blueberry sandwich. Look at this
  • It's a lot of whipped cream. Some looks like some blueberry jam on the bottom and some custard on the top layer
  • Yeah, just like it's strawberry's cousin you're not going to be able to find a lot of fault with this sandwich
  • Bread is beautifully tender love the whipped cream. Obviously love the blueberry jam
  • They put in here berries are beautifully fresh they're sweet, little bit tart, bursting with juice
  • My general recommendation is anytime in Japan. You see a sandwich made from fruits. You buy it
  • Okay, this this has looked better
  • I mean twhen I took it out of the box that kind of just fell apart a little bit. This is a strawberry tart
  • So you have to go and get either a strawberry cake or a strawberry tart already got a bunch of cakes today
  • So I figured I'd get a tart first of all
  • This thing is just layered with plump strawberries
  • Some whipped cream looks like strawberry jam on the bottom and they gave me this. This is an
  • Injector and they stuff this into this this little yellow layer here where there's cake
  • You see there's a layer of cake right before the little tart crust. This may be condensed- Oh, oh this is condensed -milk
  • I think let me just
  • You have
  • You gotta get this.
  • I know by the time you guys get here
  • it might not be strawberry season anymore
  • But whatever season it is get this with that fruits a beautiful cake layer
  • It's not gonna be as soft as that sponge cake looking things
  • But this is a beautiful chewing when you shoot this little bit with condensed milk. It's gonna become a lot more moist lot juicier
  • So while you're biting into this the freshness of the food is so important
  • That's why the strawberries they put on this. It's just the juiciest thing
  • It's what you want to give your lover on Valentine's Day
  • This is what you want and it's not too sweet because you know just a hint of tartness in the strawberries themselves that makes this
  • One of the most balanced delicious dessert item I've had in Japan so far finally
  • Dojima role I love unboxing my food and they shoved a couple of ice packs in here and they told me this is only
  • Good for one day. I reassured her that that would not really be a problem. And this is a limited seasonal item
  • It's not just a simple ordinary Dojima role. It's an orange
  • Dojima roll. this thing is so oh, oh, I'm so sorry. You got to treat it. Really really gently
  • If you thought fresh strawberries were awesome
  • You gotta taste some fresh oranges if you love drinking fresh orange juice in the morning to wake yourself up
  • These oranges will wake up your life
  • Finish this and one day I'll finish this in one sitting the whipped cream
  • It's so so gentle when you heat it. It's like the wind is just gently caressing your tongue
  • And the reason the whipped cream is so good is because it's made with Hokkaido milk. You can't beat that
  • With the Hokkaido cream which is so ridiculously milky creamy and sweet and the rolls itself
  • Look, don't you all I got like a bouncy house made out of this
  • It's almost like tasting the heavens that was the greatest food shopping experience I've ever had
  • I think if you're in Japan, you should definitely go eat at a department store
  • I mean
  • it doesn't have to be this one go go eat at one of them and just
  • feel what I just felt the whole feeling of helplessness when you're just surrounded by
  • Like an infinite amount of food. This is like a foodies toys-r-us. It's a foodies food R Us
  • Of course guys, if you want to come to this one, I've put the information for you in the description box below
  • Thank you all so much for watching until we eat again. See you later

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When you think about department stores, you think high-quality clothes, bags, brands, etc. But in Japan, you're also thinking high-quality top-notch food! Today I'm at the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo, and I'm getting everything [that I can carry ;)] that looks good.

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