Favre Returns to Lambeau - Vikings vs. Packers (Week 8, 2009) Classic Highlights

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Jan 11, 2017


Favre Returns to Lambeau - Vikings vs. Packers (Week 8, 2009) Classic Highlights
Favre Returns to Lambeau - Vikings vs. Packers (Week 8, 2009) Classic Highlights thumb Favre Returns to Lambeau - Vikings vs. Packers (Week 8, 2009) Classic Highlights thumb Favre Returns to Lambeau - Vikings vs. Packers (Week 8, 2009) Classic Highlights thumb


  • Green Bay has elected to receive so the Packers will get the first chance at it offensively
  • 3rd and 5.
  • Caught that's a first down for Donald Driver
  • Fumbled by Rodgers in the backfield but he dives right on top of it
  • So that means here comes Brett Favre and the Minnesota offense
  • [Crowd collectively boos]
  • [Burns] Smithers, are they booing me?
  • [Smithers] No... they're saying boo-urns.
  • Boo-urns.
  • [Burns] Are you saying boo or boo-urns?
  • [Crowd boos]
  • First down reception
  • A three game divisional lead
  • Ball is loose
  • still loose
  • And it looks like the Packers have it at the 20 they do
  • Rodgers on 3rd and 5
  • Rolls... and down he goes
  • Not allowing them to get to the endzone
  • 37 yard field goal try is good
  • A 37 yard field goal by Crosby
  • So now the electrifying rookie out of the University of Florida Percy Harvin brings
  • it across the 30
  • Harvin already a pair of touchdown returns this season
  • Inside the 30... inside the 20... all the way down to the 14
  • A lot of these guys that return kicks they wanna get to the sideline, not Percy Harvin
  • He immediately takes it north and south he gets one on one on the kicker
  • and then it's just a foot race as to whether or not he can get to the endzone but
  • there's not a lot of jitterbug in Percy Harvin when he takes the ball and has it in his hands
  • Taylor... great open field tackle made by Nick Barnett
  • And now a flag comes in.
  • Some extracurricular activity after the tackle was made with Anthony Herrera
  • [Corrente] At the conclusion of all the action in the dead ball period,
  • personal foul, headbutt, defense #97
  • Could he get in?
  • Yes.
  • Touchdown Adrian Peterson
  • 3rd down and long yard for the Packers
  • and Rodgers out of the shotgun fakes it and is looking down the field
  • being chased by Edwards who got him all the way back at the 17
  • 3rd and 4, blitz coming.
  • Favre gets it way catch made by Harvin
  • Here at Lambeau, over a 16 year period
  • Pump fake one way, and throws the other way catch is made by Berrian
  • Favre appeared to underthrow that ball and it was still caught by Rice
  • boy does he have some hands
  • Seventh play of the drive.
  • Favre guns it over the middle it's caught and in the endzone
  • for Visanthe Shiancoe
  • and his team leads 14-3.
  • Rodgers again under huge pressure and Jared Allen got him.
  • That's three sacks already for Minnesota
  • Peterson into the open field and still on his feet inside the 30
  • and finally caught by Al Harris close to the 15 yard line
  • So now Longwell going for a 29 yard yard field goal try
  • [Corrente] Neutral zone infraction, defense, stepped into the neutral zone causing the
  • offensive player to false start.
  • Five yard penalty, will remain 4th down
  • I'm not sure if Peterson got it
  • They elected to run the ball rather than play action and Peterson is denied the first down
  • But he's not having one of 'em here in this first half
  • They fake it to Grant before Rodgers can even look up he is sacked again
  • Rice
  • Good snap, good hold, and as Longwell did for so many years
  • 3rd and 17 three man rush and Favre's gonna pick that apart all day long
  • Favre and the Vikings at midfield on first down
  • And Favre to throw, unbelievable protection
  • Throws into traffic and the catch made by Harvin
  • He cuts it back the other way and into the endzone touchdown Percy Harvin
  • And as a result Favre has a little bit of time.
  • I mean there's a little pressure up inside
  • But you see he's able to stay there and deliver it
  • Percy Harvin workin' inside they've got some defenders there
  • He just goes up and makes a play
  • I mean he makes the play on the ball, no one else does and it's keystone cops
  • Rodgers will put it up and wide open receiver is Greg Jennings
  • And Rodgers sacked back at the 8
  • Jared Allen again
  • You can't take the sacks that he is taking
  • 26 yard field goal try is good
  • Rodgers under tremendous pressure
  • Squib kick and out on across and a ball, football is loose
  • And it looks like the Packers have recovered down at the bottom of that pile
  • Rodgers to the endzone
  • Touchdown Spencer Havner
  • Great protection this time
  • and across the middle the catch is made to the 45 inside the 40 still on his feet
  • Havner again touchdown and the game is on in Green Bay
  • And paying huge dividends now these last two weeks
  • Percy Harvin trying to change the momentum
  • Trying to turn the corner across midfield
  • and some of that momentum comes back to the Vikings side
  • Favre fires again to Harvin who makes a catch
  • Favre on 3rd and goal
  • Throws a touchdown to the tight end Jeff Dugan
  • But he's been big in the receiving game also
  • Rodgers tiptoes out of trouble and he's gonna run it
  • Still on his feet inside the 20, the 15
  • and steps out of bounds at the 12 yard line
  • That's a flag all the way and a touchdown reception by Jennings
  • the flag came down long before the ball was ever in the endzone
  • Green Bay 1 of 2 on 2 point conversions this season
  • Right through the fingertips
  • Peterson
  • Across midfield tackled from behind
  • Bad snap.
  • Rodgers able to get his hands on it
  • and then throws complete over the middle to midfield
  • And Rodgers... is that a sack.
  • They're saying...
  • Jared Allen is saying sack and the officials agree
  • From 50 and beyond this year
  • No good
  • And he's throwing on first down
  • A screen to Adrian Peterson who rushes down the sideline cuts it back to the inside
  • and tackled at the 14
  • Favre a short drop catch is made and close to the endzone
  • Touchdown Bernard Berrian
  • Fourth touchdown pass of the game for #4
  • Rodgers on 4th down
  • Let's it fly incomplete and that outta do it
  • And now it'll expire and
  • the Vikings go to 7-1 the Packers slip to 4-3
  • Former Packers Ryan Longwell and Brett Favre celebrating a 38-26 win

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After sixteen years in Green Bay, Brett Favre returns to Lambeau Field. This time as a member of the rival Minnesota Vikings, Favre is eager to get revenge on the team that pushed him into retirement in favor of the younger Aaron Rodgers. Troy Aikman and Thom Brennaman have the call.

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