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Good morning!

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Jane Couch
Welcome back to the #DigitalCampfire and the Saturday Night Sing Song Challenge! (If you haven't heard, there's a fire ban on in these parts, so no more videos around an actual campfire...)


If we were able to travel right now, we'd be hitting the many sugar bushes and sugar shacks that are underway producing the liquid gold across this region! Can't wait until we can...
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Norah Fountain
Vanessa Backman
Katie Beth
Just under the wire, the folks at music and accommodations hot spot Camp Bongopix answer the #digitalcampfire call with a version of ABBA’s SOS (not an easy one!) Stay tuned for tonight’s Sing Song Challenge theme!

Camp Bongopix Plays ABBA's SOS

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Follow along virtually as The Friends of Algonquin Park document ice out this spring.

The Friends of Algonquin Park님이 게시한 사진

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Leo Mckenna
Victoria Gibbard Boucher
Debbie Treacher-Hubert
A whole lot of blue water and blue skies - that's what we like to see!

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Cindy Bailey
Sue Sokay
David Coutts
Nancy Hillson
Tait Jonnson
There’s a complete fire ban on but the #DIGITALCAMPFIRE continues!! Gather ‘round to hear a new version of Norwegian Wood, brought to you by Mr. Anonymous (who may or may not be a tourism professional in our region...) Great job!! #campfirecomfort #physicaldistancing #littlenorway #drawnearer #playABBA #wheredidhegetthathat
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Painted sky.

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Debbie Hoyle
Margret Spore
Miriam Finkelstein Komlos
Nancy Hillson
Jane Prins
So here for this - blue skies, fresh air and the lakes coming back to us.

Georgian Bay Marina Inc.

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Gary Hutchinson