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We use cars Everyday. They should be fun.

We’re here to help everyone find cars they will really love. A car that makes you want go for a drive… just to drive. Our films use a cinematic style and a unique dual-host commentary to showcase enthusiast driving on great roads. Our podcast “The Car Debate” focuses on answering viewer dilemmas in finding fun cars that also meet their budget and needs.

In a world where most every car has bluetooth, backup cameras, and more tech than a cell phone, we’re focused on the thing most often overlooked. Enjoying Driving.

And we share it with you because "You can't drive a spec sheet".

"Everyday Driver " is small and fully independent, creating high-quality productions with a fraction of the crew and budget of others like us. You can help us through Patreon:


And join us for our "Car Debate" audio podcast every Tuesday and Friday, wherever you download podcasts.