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Everyday Astronaut’s mission is to bring space down to earth for everyday people. To communicate science through humor and imagination. To help adults reminisce about their childhood awe of the cosmos. To spark curiosity in future generations to dream about exploration, thirst for knowledge and desire to find their place in the universe.

What started as a viral photo series for photographer Tim Dodd has now become a trusted source for spaceflight information and education. As of 2017, Everyday Astronaut pivoted to producing medium to long form educational videos on YouTube. The channel grew very quickly, reaching 100,000 subscribers within one year of the first produced educational video and soon after hit 1 million hours of watch time. In 2018, Tim Dodd became the host of a syndicated Facebook Watch series, "Spacing Out" by space.com.


22:38 Why do cylindrical rockets roll?
444K+ views | Jun 18, 2019