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Superhero Battle Royale

ROUND 1 - #Deadpool VS #Logan

Who is your winner? Comment your choice below!
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Scott Rotgans
Tristan Boyan
Sarah Hall
Marco Selda
Beth Kyte-Powell
Get ready for our Superhero Battle Royale!

We want to know who your favourite superheroes are!
Round 1 starts tomorrow! We'll be posting all the rounds on the Event Cinemas page, so make sure you keep checking in for the next battle!

We want to know who you think will take out the title! Comment your predictions below!
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Dea Fitranto
Alby Bunting
Trevor Hemsley
Joshua Hinchliffe
Steven Chua
How to practice #SocialDistancing, according to the films of #WesAnderson. Edited by Luís Azevedo for Little White Lies.


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Chelsea Hantken
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Jenny Martin
Liselle Banks
Let's have some fun, answer with your best GIF below
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Event Cinemas
Moamin Saaid
Sarah Gooding
Moamin Saaid
Phil Jeffrey
Event Cinemas posted on Mar 23, 2020
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Event Cinemas
Felicia Upton
Den Nates
Cassie Hawes
Mark Brown
SamSam appears to have it all, but the one thing he has yet to attain are actual superpowers....

See #SamSam at #EventCinemas April 2nd!

SAMSAM: Official Trailer

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Julia Macario-Slatter
Belinda Frater
Jennifer Anne Anderson
Jenna Prebble
Kelly Merchant
Find the Magic ✨
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ONWARD: Advance Screening Weekend

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John Davos
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Vanessa Love
Improved. Enhanced. The ultimate weapon.

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Ways to keeps enjoying the cinema - [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Han Juanta
That's what love is....

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Ways to keeps enjoying the cinema - [ Bit.ly Link ]


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Keep enjoying the Cinema!

It's more important than ever that we all take extra precautions to ensure the health and well-being of ourselves and each other.

We're here for you; for more information - [ Eventcinemas.com.au Link ]

Event Cinemas

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