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According to the parents, they chose the names as a reminder of the "hardships they conquered during their birth" by arriving in the midst of a global health pandemic.

Twins born under lockdown in India named Corona and Covid

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The changes creep up on you, that's for sure!

14 ways to tell when your son has hit puberty

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In addition to the constant family togetherness, bedrooms and living areas have been turned into makeshift offices and are littered with the remnants of homeschooling.None of it is overly conducive to romance.

Full house: will parents ever find time have sex again?

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Impossible. That was the only word I could muster when the stick flashed "PREGNANT" before my eyes.

I didn't want a third child — then I got unexpectedly pregnant

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"After a few months of good sleep you'll forget all about the sleep deprivation and start craving the next baby. I've learnt that, too."

10 things I've learnt about babies and sleep

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