Join your friends, form alliances, and get ready to build your empire. Welcome to Empires & Allies, an all-new modern military strategy game.

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New skins coming to the battlefield! Stay tuned, Commanders!

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Eno Gjoni
Get ready for the new challenge, Commanders. #ComingSoon on #EmpiresandAllies
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Terence Chong
Terence Chong
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Dear Players,

We were made aware that recently substantial amounts of Gold and Core were granted accidentally. We are in the process of removing these items and are reversing all impacted actions.
Zynga strives to keep the game fair and ensures that no undue advantage is gained by any player.

Thanks for your love & support.
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Empires & Allies
Hasan Zahir
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Nicole Jordan
Dear players,

Zynga is aware of an incident where gold and other items were added to players' inventory by error. We apologize for the issue and want to assure our players that we are working towards fixing this.

We thank you for your patience.
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Empires & Allies
Empires & Allies
Kristoff Belen
Kristof Van Trimpont
Philip Hannah
Have you answered the function of Holo Gator? That's right, it's a Decoy Unit! Congratulations to Lynn Ebbs, Barboza Leo, Nicolae Pascariu, @roula_arts, and زياد مستنير for winning 200 Gold each! Stay tuned as we will reach out to you to grant your reward. Thanks to all participants and stay tuned on our next contest!

Gator MK2 FAQ: [ Zynga.support Link ]
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Olga  Kulikova
Let's test your knowledge of the new Gator MK2 Unit! Participate in the quiz and 5 players with the correct answer will win 200 Gold each!

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The long wait is over, Commanders! Drawing enemy fire while decimating the defenses? Easy work for Gator MK2! Play #EmpiresAndAllies now and unlock the upgraded Omega Unit!

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Something GreATeR is #ComingSoon on #EmpiresAndAllies
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明けの明星 青 オカミ
Share with friends and fight with your enemies! Exclusive strategy tips for Spartan only on #EmpiresAndAllies Community! Keep playing.

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Good job, Commanders. The correct answer is Sun Blade! Let's congratulate carlos_augusto0209, Chemseddine Gasmallah, Yhgm Hristovi, Eno Gjoni, and Al Rey Quirante Pagente for winning 200 Gold each! Thank you all for participating. Stay tuned for more contests on #EmpiresAndAllies!

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