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‪Wow. We did it...AGAIN! Thanks so much for voting us BEST SERIAL DRAMA! #NTAS #Emmerdale‬
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Matthew Wolfenden, Jonny Mcpherson, Karen Blick and Lisa Riley have a message for you: #FreeMarlon! #FreeMarlon! #NTAs #Emmerdale

รูปภาพจากโพสต์ของ Emmerdale

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Look - it's Mark Charnock and John Barrowman!

Want to see all the behind the scenes action at the #NTAs? Head to our stories for all the action! #Emmerdale
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Guess where we are...#NTAs #Emmerdale
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REPLAY: Noah's reaction to Graham's death throws Charity off guard! #Emmerdale

CLIP: Noah confronts Charity (28 Jan 2020)

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REPLAY: The police don't believe Marlon's story... #Emmerdale

CLIP: Marlon is investigated (28 Jan 2020)

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1 HOUR KLAXON! It's your last chance to vote everything #Emmerdale at the National Television Awards bit.ly/VoteEmmerdaleNTA

VOTE Emmerdale - NTA 2020

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Look who wants YOU to vote #Emmerdale at the National Television Awards

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6 HOURS TO VOTE! Vote all things #Emmerdale at the National Television Awards now bit.ly/VoteEmmerdaleNTA

(DISCLAIMER: Contains scenes some viewers may find upsetting.)

EMMERDALE: A year in review (2020)

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Marlon's been arrested for Graham's murder!

Little does Rhona know, though...it was Pierce. #Emmerdale

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