Working from a private studio, Melbourne, Australia. Not travelling until 2016.
Bookings at: emulrose@hotmail.com
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With everything that’s going on in Australia.

Emily Rose how are your family and you?
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BOOKS OPEN for 2020. I’m currently booking from January to June. I’d love to do more large scale work, these designs are all available. Am happy to make changes to suit different body types and also happy to book other work. To enquire, please email emulrose@hotmail.com
Cheers! Em

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Books are open, please include the following in your email: contact number, concept, reference photos, photo of the area and rough dimensions in cms. Cheers!
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Your Son is wanting to talk to you. Your phone is not in service. You think maybe you can call him!!??
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Emily Rose posted on Aug 06, 2018
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Emily Rose posted on Aug 06, 2018
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I love you bub.
Mimsy xx
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Books are open December 2018-February 2019 please email emulrose@hotmail.com to secure a booking.
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Happy birthday Mrs Neville. We hope you have a fabulous birthday, love from the mother in law and the step dad in law. Love you lots Emily xx
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Mostly healed.
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