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Welcome to ekunji channel. It is an education channel for all where you could find DIY videos on various topics including Natural Beauty Tips, Recipes, Easy Craft Ideas, Natural Remedies for General Diseases, and Indian Festivals.

The word "ekunji" is a combination of "e" for "electronic" and "Kunji" means "key" in Hindi language, that represents the meaning "Key of Knowledge".

Visit us at our website http://www.ekunji.com for articles on various topics including the topics mentioned above.

Beautiful Monday:
Get beauty tips on every Monday by Sonia Goyal.

Healthy Tuesday:
Get health tips and natural remedies for various diseases every Tuesday by Sachin Goyal.

Delicious Wednesday:
Watch delicious recipes every Wednesday by Sonia Goyal.

Creative Friday:
Try DIY, craft and science projects for kids every Friday with Sameer Goyal.

Yummy Saturday:
Enjoy your weekend with yummy recipes of Sameer Goyal every Saturday.