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Support business as usual, in unusual times. #StayHomeShopOnline and support our community of 40,000 Aussie retailers.
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A note from us. This behaviour is un-Australian and will not be tolerated. Please report a seller if you find any listings across our site.

In times of uncertainty, let’s support each other as we navigate this world together. Hope everyone is staying safe.
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Sell on eBay for the first time and it's on us*

*Zero insertion and final value fees only. Limited time only. Other fees may apply. T&Cs apply

Happy Selling!

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Hairul Anam posted on Feb 26, 2020
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AU $26.99 ‍♂‍♀
222cm/87" Double Ended Oars Kayak Paddles Aluminum Alloy Portable for Boat‍♂‍♀

222cm/87" Double Ended Oars Kayak Paddles Aluminum Alloy Portable for Boat | eBay

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This is eBays policy on helping customers with problems,

What happens after you ask eBay to step in

After we're asked to step in, we'll review your case and resolve it in the fairest way possible. We normally come back with an answer within 48 hours, though occasionally it might take longer if we need more information. Once we've made a decision, we'll send you and the seller an email to...
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I want to know how to report a seller for misleading posting
Ebay site is useless, it sends me in circles
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Hi. I am facing issues with one of your sellers who sent me an incorrect item. Then they asked me to send it back telling me that they will pay me for the return postage. Now they refuse to pay me. I cannot find any way to seek your help or for ebay to step in on your website. Pls help in getting my money back otherwise I will lose faith in e-commerce firms like yours..this has been a very...
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Sagar Kapoor
People who sell on eBay please be super careful. This is a personal experience. I listed an item for sale and had a buyer express interest. He said he couldn’t get eBay to work so asked me to send payment request to him directly on Paypal. It wasn’t for a small amount. I don’t sell on eBay often if at all. So I did. He “paid” immediately and I got a “Paypal” confirmation...
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