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Easy Kolam Designs

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Rangoli is a popular folk art, is made in homes during auspicious occasions across India. Known as Kolam in the south to Alpona in West Bengal, these colourful designs are most popular during the festival , espcially in northern India. Made with varied materials from special rangoli powder to ground rice powder to flowers and diyas, people across ages and communties sometimes spend hours trying to create intricate patterns in front of their house doors. But everyone can do with some inspiration actual design of the rangoli,In easy rangoli designs for sankranthi, to draw easy kolam designs for sankranthi, pongal, makara sankranthi muggulu for latest rangoli designs for competition and latest rangoli designs with dots for new year 2018 Beautiful Happy New Year Lotus Muggulu Easy and Innovative Design latest sankranthi with out dots and diwali and ugadhi muggulu and friday rangoli for our Puja room here in this channel. Please don't forget to subscribe My Channel #Easy #Kolam #Designs.