Easter Egg Hunt Surprise! ROOMMATE REVEAL! / AllAroundAudrey

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Apr 13, 2019


Easter Egg Hunt Surprise! ROOMMATE REVEAL! / AllAroundAudrey
Easter Egg Hunt Surprise! ROOMMATE REVEAL! / AllAroundAudrey thumb Easter Egg Hunt Surprise! ROOMMATE REVEAL! / AllAroundAudrey thumb Easter Egg Hunt Surprise! ROOMMATE REVEAL! / AllAroundAudrey thumb


  • - These are so fun!
  • Okay, I'm.
  • Oh my goodness look at all these there's more.
  • - [Narrator] This is a paid promotion for Zuru.
  • - (squeals)
  • - Alright you guys so I've got all the supplies here
  • and I'm going to make an Easter egg basket
  • as well as an Easter egg hunt for Audrey
  • and her roommates and I'm gonna put tons
  • of fun treats inside their Easter egg baskets
  • as well as Cotton Candy Cuties!
  • And I'm also going to hide
  • the Cotton Candy Cuties around the house with eggs.
  • So this is gonna be a really fun surprise
  • for Audrey and her roommates.
  • Honestly, kinda wish I was one of her roommates
  • but oh well I'm her sis though.
  • Okay let me show you what
  • the Cotton Candy Cuties are; these are really adorable.
  • Alright so they come in four different colors
  • and four different scents.
  • So the pink one is strawberry scented,
  • the purple one is grape scented, the yellow is lemon,
  • and the teal one is bubblegum.
  • So the Cotton Candy Cuties come with this
  • like slime compound sorta thing.
  • Here, I'm just gonna open one up to show you.
  • Its so cool, I don't really know how to describe it.
  • Other than its a compound because its so unique,
  • and just like fluffy, and stretchy.
  • It's super cool let me show you.
  • Okay so oh I'm so excited, I love this stuff.
  • So, the best way I could describe it
  • is it's kind of like a cloud slime,
  • but its not even like a cloud slime.
  • I don't even know, its super cool, has
  • an amazing texture, its like so soft
  • and fluffy I love it.
  • (suspenseful orchestral cusic)
  • It's so soft I love how
  • it's so stretchy and fluffy.
  • Look at that.
  • And inside of the compound
  • comes a cute character squishy.
  • So like that's a bonus Jonas.
  • Okay I'm really excited, I just want to
  • see which character I got.
  • Let's see.
  • Oh my goodness this is so cute!
  • It's adorable!
  • Look at this you guys.
  • - (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Hello cutie pie.
  • - So cute and it's actually a slow rising squishy as well.
  • Look at that.
  • And there are six different types you can collect inside
  • the large Cotton Candy Cuties.
  • So, okay back to compound.
  • This is like the coolest thing ever.
  • So, okay first up I just have to
  • say that this literally smells so good.
  • I can smell it from here but it's like
  • - (Deep voice) Delicious.
  • - Smells just like bubble gum.
  • Oh my gosh, I love it so much.
  • Aw man I'm gonna be playing with this non-stop.
  • Okay I'm gonna call in my brother
  • to show you guys how stretchy this really is.
  • Okay, we're gonna have Ty and I
  • stretch out the Cotton Candy Cutie compound right now.
  • Let's just show you guys.
  • Ty is so excited he's literally been waiting here
  • and he's like let me have some of it.
  • Okay, alright, ready Ty?
  • Oh my goodness, wow!
  • That's so stretchy I love it.
  • Watch this, you can see like all the fibers,
  • its so fluffy and soft.
  • One cool thing that I really like about this compound
  • that's different than Cloud Slime
  • is that you can shape it
  • and it will actually hold its shape.
  • So like you can make really anything.
  • You can make like a cupcake with it,
  • or like an Easter egg.
  • I'm gonna make a heart because I love you guys
  • and so here's a heart for you.
  • Aww it's so cute, look at this, okay.
  • Ta-da!
  • Love you guys.
  • Okay, so we have our Easter baskets back in here again.
  • (Rock Music)
  • And were ready to fill them so step one
  • is I'm going to add in this filler
  • at the bottom of the baskets.
  • So I think I'm gonna add in
  • yellow filler hmm to which blue.
  • This is like a blue-blue
  • and this ones like a tealy-greeny kinda blue.
  • - (Jerry Seinfeld) That sounds about right!
  • - I kinda like it better with this color
  • so I'm gonna try to coordinate the colors.
  • Into the bottom...Oh its so pretty its shimery
  • okay and then I think I'm gonna add in a green one.
  • Oh the green always matches with pink
  • or at least I think so, I think its really cute
  • with pink so its going in the pink one.
  • And now we need something for this blue one
  • probably this color this is a like purply.
  • Okay that's really cute.
  • They actually lower, I didn't know that
  • that made this so much easier, there we go okay.
  • Ta-da!
  • Obviously we need to add in the Cotton Candy Cuties.
  • Duh, so I think... what colors go with what?
  • I'm really indecisive if you can't tell.
  • So,
  • oh man,
  • okay so this ones gonna go to this one.
  • Okay I'm putting this one in this one, yeah there we go.
  • Okay next item I'll probably add in some room spray.
  • This is great for college because
  • I mean your apartment mighty be stinky
  • you never know so it's always good to have room spray
  • so were gonna add that in.
  • Okay I'm also gonna add in some soap.
  • Okay, and probably some lotion too.
  • Okay here we go, alright next item.
  • Ooh I'm gonna add in these
  • these are like these little braclet, necklace thingies.
  • Done.
  • Alright next item I have these like wallet stuffs.
  • So there a little lanyard as well a little wallet.
  • Love it.
  • This one in here.
  • And lastly I think we should
  • give them chocolate Easter bunnies.
  • Good ol' classic Easter treat.
  • Aww they're so cute!
  • Okay so now were gonna make Audrey's Easter basket
  • because she's gonna get something different
  • than her roommates because she is my sister.
  • So I'm gonna move these out of the way.
  • So for Audrey's Easter basket I'm kinda going
  • with like a pink and purple theme
  • and were also going with like a pig theme
  • because you guys know her like
  • entire channel theme is like pigs.
  • So why not give her an Easter basket
  • full of pig stuff.
  • So first I'm gonna choose two
  • Cotton Candy Cuties to put into her basket
  • and since we're sticking with the pink and purple
  • theme I think we should go with the pink and purple ones.
  • Okay some other items I grabbed at the store
  • was this little bath bomb, I also got her some
  • Easter candy, really colorful.
  • And I got her a puzzle.
  • 'Cause why not?
  • And she has a movie to watch all about pigs!
  • (Evil Laughter)
  • I also got her some
  • 3 in 1 body wash, shampoo, and conditioner.
  • Okay I also just got her a ton of snacks
  • because that's what you want in college.
  • So just got cookies, chocolate, marshmallows, a drink,
  • all this stuff its all going in there
  • and I think that's it.
  • Now I just have to arrange it cute.
  • Oh no, I have a very special surprise for her
  • and this is actually gonna go like kinda with
  • the Easter basket because its not gonna fit in the basket.
  • Its a pig stuffed animal,
  • so cute I love it.
  • Ta-daa!
  • Okay so now its time to stuff all of the eggs
  • with candy that way I can hide them
  • as well as the Cotton Candy Cuties
  • all around their apartment.
  • ("Under The Lights" by CLNGR)
  • - Okay guys all the baskets are completed
  • and the eggs are filled with candy.
  • I'm so excited to go hide this around Audrey's apartment
  • as well as the Cotton Candy Cuties
  • and see their reaction so lets go.
  • We're at her apartment now I'm gonna go inside
  • I've got all the treats
  • and the Cotton Candy Cuties I'm really excited to hide them.
  • Okay so I've already unlocked the door because
  • when Audrey was over at our house
  • she left her key on the table
  • and so we ran to Home Depot
  • and we made a copy of the key
  • and so I've already unlocked the door,
  • I'm ready to go inside.
  • Okay I think they're gone I don't hear anybody
  • so I think we can; yeah I think we can come inside.
  • ("Just Good Friends" by CLNGR)
  • Okay so now that I've hidden all the eggs
  • all around the apartment its time to hide
  • the Cotton Candy Cuties.
  • These are so cool, okay I think we should put one...
  • Three right here as like the center piece.
  • This is gonna be so cool.
  • (music)
  • Okay, everything is all set up,
  • I'm so excited for Audrey and her roommates to
  • find it and,
  • I can't wait to see their reactions!
  • Okay, gotta leave!
  • (motorcycle engine roars)
  • - A few moments later.
  • - (gasp) Oh my goodness!
  • Ah, it's Easter!
  • Jordan didn't say she was gonna decorate
  • our apartment like Easter!
  • By the way, come meet my roommates!
  • - Woo!
  • (sound effect)
  • - Guys our house is decorated!
  • - Oh my gosh!
  • What?
  • - There's so many eggs everywhere!
  • - Oh my gosh!
  • - I think we need to go on an Easter egg hunt!
  • - I agree!
  • Let's do it!
  • - Okay, let's go!
  • I guess we're gonna have to...
  • Stick them in our little pouches.
  • Oh they're so sparkly!
  • I love it!
  • - There's cotton candy!
  • - (gasp) These are so fun!
  • Okay, I'm.
  • Oh my goodness!
  • Look at all these!
  • There's more eggs!
  • There's a pile of Cotton Candy Cuties!
  • I call it!
  • (laughing)
  • Your shoes!
  • (laughing)
  • I love this!
  • This is so cute!
  • - [All] Whoa!
  • - They're everywhere!
  • - They really are, oh my gosh!
  • Oh my goodness.
  • - I want to open them up so bad
  • but we gotta save it for the end.
  • - I know, I wonder what we got.
  • - Oh my goodness, they're everywhere.
  • Even up here!
  • Whoa!
  • - They're in your bathroom!
  • They're everywhere!
  • - How did Jordan do this?
  • Like, none of us saw her.
  • - I had no idea she was even here.
  • - I didn't know she came!
  • - I got another big one.
  • - I'm finding so many good things!
  • Look how many Easter eggs we have found!
  • Our piles are like combining.
  • Okay.
  • - This one's mine, don't touch it!
  • - [Sméagol Voice] My precious!
  • - I'm so excited!
  • (gasp) Candy!
  • (angel sound effect)
  • Ooh, there's so many different kinds of candy!
  • Oh, guys I can't eat this.
  • It's peanut butter.
  • Anybody want a try?
  • - Uh, yeah, I'll give you one of those for...
  • - Oh, okay.
  • This is what I got last time!
  • - Bubblegum!
  • - Oh, generous!
  • - So generous.
  • - Guys, I think we should try our Cotton Candy Cuties.
  • These are so cute, okay.
  • So I played with slime before,
  • you guys know this, I love slime.
  • I've showed Emily slime before,
  • Megan has never tried slime!
  • - Never in my whole life!
  • - [Sound Effect] Say what?
  • - Ugh, I love these!
  • - [Megan] How do you even open these?
  • - Yeah, how do you even open it?
  • - Alright, we have opened!
  • Let's reveal, there's a tiny squishy inside
  • and I'm so excited what surprise squishy I get!
  • Yeah, it's inside of the Cotton Candy Cutie.
  • (crinkle noises)
  • - [Megan] It's inside this?
  • - Yeah.
  • Oh yes!
  • - (laughter)
  • - [Audrey] It's so smooth!
  • Oh, there it is!
  • I see it!
  • - What is it?
  • What is it?
  • - Open it up to the mystery!
  • Okay, let's see it.
  • - I got a purple one!
  • - [All] Ooh!
  • - [Megan] It's so cute!
  • It's like a little cat!
  • - Like a kitty!
  • - Oh it's a cupcake!
  • Wooh!
  • Yes!
  • - So what's really cool is that they're all scented!
  • And so, I got grape!
  • - I got bubblegum!
  • - Mine's strawberry!
  • - [Audrey] Look how cool!
  • It looks like Cloud Slime.
  • Whoa!
  • Alright, we're gonna try stretching mine
  • and make it as big as possible.
  • - Come on Megan!
  • - Let's do this!
  • - [All] Whoa!
  • Woo!
  • - I love this!
  • Alright, so if you guys want to get some
  • Cotton Candy Cuties I'll have a link
  • in the description box below, so you can check them out!
  • But I think it's time to dig into our Easter baskets,
  • I've been eyeing them.
  • And...
  • Let's go, let's go!
  • Okay, let's do it!
  • Alright so, Jordan didn't tell me
  • but I'm pretty sure mine is the pig
  • because y'all know that I'm known for like pigs.
  • (evil laughter)
  • Mine's probably this one,
  • but you guys can pick whatever basket you want!
  • - Okay, I'm gonna take this one.
  • - Look at the size!
  • - I'm gonna take this one!
  • - Okay let's unbox our Easter baskets!
  • (all cheer)
  • - My roommate is...
  • A piggy!
  • This is so cute!
  • This is a bath sponge.
  • - What?
  • - Peppa Pig! (snort)
  • - Ooh, Figi White Sands.
  • - Mine is so funny!
  • I got like,
  • bath stuff!
  • (laughs)
  • - It's all pig!
  • - Piggy drink!
  • - I got a pig movie!
  • Peppa Pig!
  • Guys, tonight.
  • - We're watching it.
  • We're watching it!
  • (evil laughter)
  • - Alrighty guys,
  • so that is it for today's video!
  • If you liked it, give it a big thumbs up!
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  • If you want to see more of my roommates,
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  • get to know them.
  • So yeah.
  • They're pretty awesome,
  • so you guys should check it out!
  • And we'll see you guys next time!
  • Bye!
  • (music)

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Surprise Easter Egg Hunt and Easter baskets filled with Cotton Candy Cuties! Cotton Candy Cuties are available in Walmart now. This is a paid promotion for Zuru. To learn more about Cotton Candy Cuties click here: https://zuru.com/brands/oosh and here: www.facebook.com/zurutoys

My sister (sistow) surprises me and my roommates with an Easter egg hunt! You get to meet my roommates for the very first time! Jordan set up cute Easter baskets filled with Cotton Candy Cuties and other fun surprises and then she sneaked into our apartment and hid Easter Eggs and Cotton Candy Cuties throughout! We had so much fun find all her cute surprises she left behind. I love my sistow!
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