Dunes in Michigan | A Pure Michigan Summer

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Dunes in Michigan | A Pure Michigan Summer
Dunes in Michigan | A Pure Michigan Summer thumb Dunes in Michigan | A Pure Michigan Summer thumb Dunes in Michigan | A Pure Michigan Summer thumb


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  • Michigan sand dunes cover almost three hundred thousand acres
  • and most of those are protected by the State, or local, or national parks
  • the best part about visiting a sand dune in Michigan summers is the joy
  • you get from either running down something like the dune climb
  • or sitting at the beach with the dunes all around you
  • the spectacular views especially here at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
  • where everywhere you look see dunes whether on the beach or off on the islands
  • >> We have the only dunes east of the Mississippi that you can drive on located
  • in Silver Lake, Michigan
  • you don't normally get to do something like this
  • and you expect to get a thrill
  • >> the viewers of Good Morning America, voted Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake Shore
  • the most beautiful place in America, and once they did that we have seen
  • visitors from all over the world
  • the feeling I first get when I go up to the lake Michigan overlook, the number nine overlook
  • on the pier stocking scenic drive is awe and wonder
  • and you feel like you're in the middle of lake Michigan cause you're about 450 feet
  • above the
  • water from there with dunes all around you
  • I have been amazed since the day I arrived eight years ago
  • I've worked in large and very popular national parks and I can tell you
  • that everyday since I got here I'm surprised, theres something here for everyone
  • dunes as far as you can see, water as far as you can see, that's Pure Michigan

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Michigan has more than 300,000 acres of Sand Dunes that offer breathtaking views or thrilling experiences. Watch as we show you the various experiences that sand dunes offer across the state. For more information or to plan your summer vacation, visit www.michigan.org