Dumb Arguments

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Dumb Arguments
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  • (awesome Domics intro)
  • You guys never come out of an argument thinking: "Man, what was the point of that." You went in
  • so deep into layers of the debate that you forgot what you were even fighting about. Well, hey, welcome back.
  • You just returned from a dumb argument. Some arguments are unavoidable
  • but as long as you both come to some sort of mutual understanding, or gain some valuable knowledge while still maintaining
  • Respect for each other, then I don't consider it a waste of time. What's that?
  • You just had a fight over which starter Pokemon is best, huh? You just argued with someone over which celebrity is hotter?
  • Come again. You're still trying to fight the Android versus Apple war. Come on guys, make better use of your time.
  • Most people already have their likes and dislikes set in stone, and you probably have nothing to gain by trying to convince them
  • otherwise. "Hey, did you watch that movie that just came out?" "Oh that movie? Yeah, I enjoyed that movie."
  • "Well, that movie was garbage and your taste in movies is also garbage. Therefore you. your existence. and everything you love, is garbage...."
  • "You know what."
  • "You're right."
  • "That is exactly the response I was looking for." And there are no better candidates for dumb arguments than bickering couples.
  • Oh, boy. From experiences with my current and past relationships, arguing with my significant other rarely ever led to anything beneficial.
  • Sure, you can have disagreements about opinions and then discuss them maturely,
  • But then there are those arguments that just stem from nothing, but get ignited into a bonfire. I had an ex-girlfriend
  • literally admit to me that she enjoyed arguing. And that is why she is now an ex.
  • I'm pretty sure half of her conversations were arguments because I usually said something that I thought was innocent and meant no harm
  • but she misconstrued it to be a malicious attack on her.
  • She failed to understand that I had
  • nothing to gain by trying to offend her without context and was convinced that anything I did that mildly upset her was
  • premeditated. As if I woke up that morning and the first thought in my head was "Hmm, you know."
  • "What would be delightful if I pissed off my girlfriend today?" Hmm? Yeah here let me dig up an actual conversation
  • we had. Warning: You might suffocate from how toxic this is.
  • So for context I posted a picture of my dog on Instagram that she took using my phone,
  • but I didn't credit her for it. Not on purpose, I just.. you know why I didn't think it mattered.
  • It's just a picture of Nala.
  • Wow give me photographer credit. Nani? (What?) I captured such a memorable moment.
  • I'll add it, but does it really matter? The pic's about Nala? Yes, which I took.
  • Disappointed in you again, If you don't like to give credit then take another pic and don't use mine.
  • Hey, is something wrong?
  • Yeah, seeing the pic on Instagram without proper crediting. Like, is anything else wrong?
  • I like to think that when people lash out especially for dumb reasons
  • They probably have another source where the rage is actually coming from other people
  • Just put a camera's symbol along with the name of the person. I just don't understand how this worked you up so much
  • I know you took it but it's so important for you that everyone else knows like you want this on your resume or something
  • No, I'm very disappointed in your mentality. I believe that photographers deserve credit.
  • (Domics realising what he got himself into)
  • I just trusted that you wouldn't care you didn't tell me first that you would post it as your own
  • This is really what you want to argue about right now. I'll talk to you later and let you calm down. I'm not arguing
  • I'm let down by what you did like your perspective is so messed up just because you know
  • I took it means no one else needs to know. Hello. You think you're all that being important?
  • I feel bullied and mistreated and you running away from a discussion makes me respect you less
  • (Recorder Playing while Domics goes insane)
  • There are three things that fuel useless arguments pride
  • Insecurity and stubbornness people with a lot of pride can't tolerate the slightest feeling of the little man
  • So if you ever do or say something that slightly challenges their identity or beliefs it is
  • Impossible for them to let it slide and that isn't to say that you shouldn't defend yourself if someone is being offensive
  • But when you are actively counter attacking people who meant no harm or are just passively ignorant
  • Then you're not picking your fights correctly just have a civil discussion. It's really easy
  • If you ever hear anyone say set your pride aside
  • It simply means to stop treating it like some sacred relic that you have to defend at all times
  • Something a lot of you practice that you probably aren't aware of is passive aggression
  • Being passive aggressive means to retaliate in a way that isn't openly violent, but can be interpreted as offensive
  • This can take many forms including the silent treatment
  • Hey, sorry, I'm late. I was stuck in traffic
  • Lying in an obviously sarcastic tone
  • No, it's fine whatever and other acts of douchery, could you pass the salt please
  • Most people who practice passive aggression are often weak with confrontation and believe that those they are targeting can interpret exactly
  • What they are upset about and take the initiative to fix the problem which most of the time they can't because they can't read minds
  • Which then leads to a more complicated conflict
  • Which could have been avoided if they just openly spoke to each other about the issue at hand?
  • The reason a lot of arguments with people are pointless is because of fallacies
  • fallacious arguments are simply weak and faulty logic that don't have proper reasoning people often use them to veer away from the point of the
  • arguments for the sake of trying to win the argument
  • I won't go to them in too much detail
  • But some examples are...
  • Ad Hominem: Latin for to the person meaning personal attacks on the other party
  • based on characteristics or appearance
  • Example:
  • Mr. Scott, you are charged with three counts of first-degree murder. How do you plead?
  • Shut up, you're ugly.
  • Hasty generalization meaning general statements made with insufficient evidence to prove them.
  • Hey, you want to play some smash?
  • Sure
  • (cool Smash Bros fighting)
  • I have concluded that
  • because I lost, Donkey Kong is the best character in the game.
  • Nope, you just suck
  • And To Quoque: Latin for "You too"
  • used to distract from the argument by redirecting the focus on another party's hypocrisy
  • Hmm. I think the colors look a bit too flat
  • and don't give the character enough depth in relation to the background.
  • Yeah...
  • Well, let's see you do better!!! (pure insult)
  • Karen... this is a critique
  • I really recommend reading into all of them
  • so you can be aware of people who try to use them against you.
  • This knowledge will save you plenty of time
  • because it'll let you determine whether discussions with certain people are worth your time
  • My ex used all of them (yeah)
  • It's not too late. You can still save yourself
  • PS -- stop using the past as ammunition if you've already moved on from it
  • Don't bring it up again just to win an argument and stop manipulating
  • Situations to make yourself seem like the victim when you yourself are the actual problem.
  • Ok. Thanks
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