Drawing With EVERY SINGLE Marker I Own...

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Drawing With EVERY SINGLE Marker I Own...
Drawing With EVERY SINGLE Marker I Own... thumb Drawing With EVERY SINGLE Marker I Own... thumb Drawing With EVERY SINGLE Marker I Own... thumb


  • I'm gonna zoom out. I feel like I'm like way too close. Okay hi. How's it going? So a year and a half ago,
  • I did a video where I had drawn with every single colored pencil that I own.
  • And today, mainly because I ran out of ideas for 2019, I'm gonna be doing that exact same thing except with
  • markers, so without further ado, let's jump into it!
  • *Intro music*
  • Starting off with a piece of paper,
  • I'm not gonna use just a regular paper but a very large piece of acrylic paper, something that can take a
  • beating, something that's gonna be able to hold like layers upon layers of markers
  • and I'm gonna be drawing this picture of my puppy. Aww,
  • isn't she the cutest? I love you Bowie.
  • *Upbeat background music*
  • Ohh-kay, who is rea-dyyyy? I'm so excited! The first set of markers that I'm using are these
  • Ohuhus that my hand is literally covering right now, and these were sent to me
  • I believe by the company and I just kind of keep them randomly in this bag.
  • *Music continues*
  • Now for this first round it's important to note that we have a long, LO-HO-HONG
  • way to go before I'm even close to done so for this first round, I'm literally just putting little "eh" marks all over.
  • I'm really just pacing myself with this round,
  • I'm not doing anything crazy, just like creating the outline and getting that idea of the drawing that is to come.
  • *Music continues*
  • Next I'm going in with even more Ohuhu markers.
  • But this time the fabric markers as well as the whole entire collection of the art alternative markers.
  • *Music continues, louder*
  • Now for this second round, this is truly where it starts to kind of get that idea of what's to come.
  • So now I had to start thinking about color
  • opposites, color layout, the color wheel and just like start thinking about how I'm gonna be able to put literally
  • hundreds of colors and make it work and not look like a crazy blob of puke rainbow, and I took a lot of inspiration from
  • faubism, which was like an old-school art style.
  • When I say old school I'm talking about like, literally a hundred and twenty years old, and
  • basically that's what I was going for, is like how they managed to do it, that's how I was gonna do.
  • *Music*
  • You thought we were done with Ohuhus? Dude, not even close. I still have this massive, MASSIVE,
  • like just um, container of Ohuhus that now I'm really gonna have to like, start utilizing the space that this drawing is in.
  • *Epic music*
  • And by the way, you're probably wondering why I have so many Ohuhus specifically and that's just a mix of that
  • I really like them, I buy them, and they also sent me
  • some, so like not only do I have the ones that I bought but I also have a whole entire collection that they sent me
  • which I'm really thankful for.
  • *Music continues*
  • Hi guys, sorry for having to like, pause the video
  • but the amount of markers that I used, the smell of alcohol just like overwhelmed me. At this point
  • I'm having to take a break just because I'm getting overwhelmed with the smell,
  • my head is hurting and I just need some time to let it dry and like, soak into the paper.
  • Some I'm gonna give it maybe like an hour, hour and a half, do some shopping and we'll see if this headache goes away.
  • *Sims music*
  • All right, back to it! Next up I have just like a bunch of rando markers that I'm gonna use,
  • for example, I have these Crayola ones which I did a review on and I was NOT happy with.
  • I have these Cra-z-art markers which, I don't know,
  • I bought 'em for a video one time and I literally just never used them again.
  • And I don't even think that video ever came through, I just like literally have them and I'm gonna donate them very soon.
  • Adding that with the other three randos that I have, that leads us to an extra 39 markers.
  • Alright next up, these aren't necessarily
  • alcohol-based markers
  • but there's a lot of them and I wanted to include them and that's the, Artesia? Art-te-za? Art-tease-uh?
  • I don't know. The Arteza
  • 96 pack watercolor marker pen things.
  • *Upbeat music*
  • And you know, I guess I do kind of regret using these because they're not necessarily a marker, they're more towards like a
  • emulating watercolor type thing and plus they were much darker than everything else.
  • So it kind of like sticks out on the final piece that I completed.
  • *Music continues*
  • This, this is my big boy. This container right here I believe, holds the most markers out of literally everything that I have.
  • And you guys might have seen this in my studio tour where I went and showed you guys like my whole entire studio
  • collection, and I have to be very very careful handling this
  • because at any point in time the markers could just like topple all over the place, but do you see this?
  • Look how large this is.
  • Ugh, it's so heavy! I have to go put this up. It's, it's too heavy.
  • Last one baby, let's go! And I apologize because literally this thing is so tall
  • I wasn't even able to get it in frame and you'll see here in a bit,
  • I tried like a bunch of different angles, but I was never able to get it in frame
  • so you're just gonna have to trust me that I used
  • 216 different markers within this case.
  • *Background music*
  • And after all of that time,
  • we have finally finished with the very last marker that I own.
  • *Sims music*
  • Okay, so that, ladies and gentlemen,
  • completes the final piece. I
  • think I did a good job considering how many markers I had to use. And I use so much ink,
  • I'm kind of curious to know if it like, leaked through the paper.
  • Ohh! Little bit, a little bit of leakage, not too bad.
  • Guys, look at all these markers. Oh my god! It's the next day and I still haven't cleaned them up, but there's so many!
  • All from that.
  • Oh hey, I also have an art Instagram,
  • so if you'd like to go check out my artwork, check out behind-the-scenes stuff, check out just some drawings, keep up with me,
  • seeing what's going on with the world of Rae. I always, always, always post updates there.
  • And yeah, @Rae_Dizzle. Oh, oh! And one more, I got the amazing
  • opportunity to be flown out, to my very first time, in California to go film this video with ZHC,
  • my friend Zach. Last one to stop drawing wins
  • $10,000 and yeah, it would just mean the world to me if you went, got and checked out his video,
  • he spent a lot of money on it, a lot of time. And most importantly like, he believed in us as
  • artists to be out there and make the video. It's really awesome. And yeah, it'd just be a really awesome way to show support.
  • So anyway, I think I've made this video long enough, and I will talk to you later. Bye!
  • *End music*

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hi. today im going to make a drawing using every single marker that i own. yee haw.

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