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Everybody always thinks that training is the most important part for a good physique, but training is the "easy part" ...

The hard parts are the rest and nutrition for a proper recovery.

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Goodbye to the Land of smiles ... Thailand Koh Samui . Genuine friendly people and good vibes . @gal_yates and myself have been blessed to travel many places around the world together .. but usually it’s work related . This is our first total vacation in 10 years .. 3 weeks to switch off and regenerate .. massage and Thai sativa on a daily Recharged and ready to manifest in 2020
Khob Khun Krup

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Passing on knowledge
I will continually be grateful @thedorianyates for changing my life forever at Temple Gym. My brother ‘till the end! @dynutrition ⁣

#CampCormierMarbella , ANYONE? ⁣

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Dorian Yates & Chris Cormier⁣

Never-before-seen shot. Backstage at the 2004 British Grand Prix, Wembley Conference Centre (torn down two years later). @thedorianyates &...
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Progress shots of 6X Mr. Olympia at 6 weeks (Left) and 3 weeks (Right) from the 1993 Olympia...
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Set your priorities straight. I wasn't going to the bars or taking up other distractions.
You have a goal, work for it. No matter the obstacle, keep going and you will succeed.

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Taking it easy ..taking it slow
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The 1 and Only @thedorianyates simply mind blowing. To me the most mentally strongest bodybuilder of All time, simply a machine with a super human mentality to do everything that was needed to completely dominate the industry at that time
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Hey Guys...
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Love Peace to ALL
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