Disney World

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Disney World
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  • First of all, hope those of you that celebrate had a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays, and that you have made peace with
  • 2018 and are looking forward to the new year.
  • I went to Disney World in Florida the other week, making it my third visit in my lifetime,
  • the other two being almost two decades ago. I went with my girlfriend, Claire.
  • [Female's voice] yEs, wE are sTilL togEtheR dEsPite tHe rEcEnt video I mAde.
  • [Back to normal voice]And we had an amazing time.
  • What I don't understand is why people bring their babies and very young children to Disney World
  • who haven't developed the cognizant ability to even understand the experience, let alone remember them.
  • I asked some of you if you've gone during that age range and the majority of you have said that you either don't remember Jack...
  • ...not Sparrow,
  • I meant you don't remember anything, or you have vague memories of things that had nothing to do with Disney World,
  • but took place in the parks. I get it, children under three go in free
  • so, sure, you save a bit of money.
  • But from what I've seen in the five days
  • I was there, a lot of those children just end up being
  • carry-on luggage for annoyed parents, and you know that trip is for the parents and not the kid with the lack of awareness
  • but, you could've taken the kid to the park and had a blast and it would have been free!
  • But, now, you've got to push them on strollers through large crowds,
  • constantly protect them from the Florida heat and humidity. Unless you go in December like I did it was actually pretty chilly, what the heck?!
  • And if you're not on strollers,
  • You need to hold on to them like a lifeline tether as if you're in space
  • because you know if you let go or look away for a second, they'll drift into one of many black holes.
  • Babies and kids enjoy immediate short-term entertainment.
  • I'm just saying they'd get more out of Disneyworld if they were a little older. Tower of Terror is a ride
  • I fondly enjoy because I have never gone through without a kid crying by the end of it. If you're not familiar with the ride,
  • it's nicely contained in this hotel type building. Unlike a roller coaster,
  • you can't really see what the ride is like just from looking at the outside.
  • ...actually, a lot of Disney rides are like that. they're indoors and...
  • ...dark and...
  • ...Full of lies!! Those are giant fans to make it feel like you're moving faster than you really are.
  • But anyway, you can maybe guess what happens when the windows occasionally open and you hear the fading screams of the riders.
  • So we went on the ride and, sure enough, a little girl was shooketh to the bone afterwards,
  • and while the parents were trying to console her, knowing she probably wouldn't want to go on any thrill rides for the rest of the trip,
  • Claire and I are already in line for slinky dog.
  • Disney World maybe catered to kids, but I believe it's actually for everyone who is a kid at heart. And while you can find something to do at the park for all ages,
  • it's difficult to choose what you wanna do when your group contains different interests.
  • Thrill rides, shows, parades... Whether you like it or not, you're gonna have to compromise.
  • We were in line for one of the rides, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and some random kid suddenly appeared in front of us.
  • We've been in line for almost 30 minutes, and we've been familiar with who was behind and in front of us, and this kid was
  • definitely not in their parties. He didn't seem panic being alone,
  • so he wasn't lost. Probably got distracted by the interactive contraptions in line and got pushed back.
  • This was a kid who was fine being alone.
  • We later crossed paths again and see him reunited with his family.
  • And despite how annoying he was in line and how he had B.O, I kind of felt bad that he had no one to go on the ride with.
  • And that's what I meant about compromising.
  • I'm glad that the first time I went, I was about 11 years old.
  • My sisters were maybe 9 and 14. We were the prime age for park enjoyment.
  • My parents didn't have to push us around in strollers, they didn't have to change our diapers,
  • we were tall enough to go on all the thrill rides, and despite there being other alternatives for those who don't meet those requirements,
  • You know a lot of those rides are what made your money's worth.
  • I lost count with the amount of times Claire and I were waiting in line and I'd overhear a kid complain, "Mooom" or "Daaad"
  • "What's taking so long?" and mom or dad would reply with:
  • "Sorry, honey. Lines are a part of Disney World.
  • And if you want to go on the rides, you're gonna have to wait." and then sometimes the kid would rebuttal with,
  • "Ugh. I never want to come back here."
  • What the heck- do you know where you are?!
  • See, here's the thing with bringing your kids to Disney World. They don't understand the cost of the experience.
  • They don't understand the organisation you put into the trip to make it worthwhile. They don't understand why you're staying at the inn
  • that's a 30 minute drive away from the park instead of being picked up by magic carpet from a penthouse suite
  • overlooking Cinderella's castle across the lake. And I'm not saying to guilt-trip your kids into understanding what
  • patience and gratitude is. I'm just saying it sucks to have to deal with that kind of immature
  • misunderstanding in a place that's all about good vibes.
  • You don't want to have to convince your kids why they should enjoy being in Disney World...
  • But those parents were right.
  • Most of Disney World is spent waiting. Waiting for a bus, waiting in lines, waiting for fireworks, waiting for the restroom...
  • What people don't realize is that his name has been a type of this whole time,
  • it's actually WAIT Disney.
  • But more often than not, the wait is worth it. Their fast past system is very manageable and
  • convenient and now, they have an estimated wait time indicator at the end of the lines and on their Park app
  • Which updates pretty often, so we were able to easily plan our ride sequences to get as much of the day as we could.
  • But even that wasn't exactly foolproof because I remember waiting in line for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, no Fast Pass
  • and we were maybe an hour in, and the wait time stated it would be 90 minutes
  • so we figured all right, cool,
  • 30 minutes to go.
  • And then, one of the ride clerks start making their way down the line briefly giving an explanation to those he passed
  • and ... it didn't look like good news. Ride's probably broken. And then he gets to us and explains that,
  • "Okay folks, it'll probably be another two-hour wait. Uh, the ride's not broken,
  • uh, people are just slow to get on and off because it's after lunch and people are digesting. Poison apples, am I right?"
  • Huh? What was that, come again? You're kidding... right?
  • I better see a pile of corpses by the time I get to the ride if you're gonna tell me INDIGESTION
  • is the reason I'm gonna wait another two hours.
  • I'd rather you say the Seven Dwarves animatronics became sentient and
  • YEETED the cart off the rail than try to fathom the idea that that many people are
  • simultaneously having stomach aches.
  • Despite this rant,
  • I believe most families do enjoy their time at Disney World, even with young kids.
  • Walking around the parks and looking past the whiners,
  • I'd catch glimpses of innocent excitement and a true belief in magic from not only the kids, but adults as well.
  • Being much older than when I went the first times,
  • I got to experience Disney World differently, but still appreciated the enchanted environments that the parks provided.
  • Observing other adults during the rides, shows, and other entertainment,
  • I found that even those who didn't seem to be kids at heart we're able to find magic around them.
  • You guys enjoying the holidays?
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  • Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

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