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The World Is Yours

#HighwayThruHell #GoldRush #MightyTrains #AlaskanBushPeople #ExpeditionUnknown #BitchinRides #DeadliestCatch #JadeFever

Discovery Canada | The World Is Yours

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"It sends chills down your spine." The crew at Herb's battles heavy beams in a sudden storm. #HeavyRescue401 Tuesday at 10ET | 7PT.

Heavy Rescue 401 | Brutal Storm

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Jon Boot
Blair MacRae
Paulo Henrique
Eric Fouquette
We're not in the Yukon anymore. The 2-hour season premiere of Gold Rush: Parker's Trail starts Monday at 8ET | 5PT.

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail | New Season

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Discovery Canada posted on Mar 26, 2020

Discovery Canada's cover photo

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On the season finale of Expedition Unknown, Josh Gates dives into the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle! Tune-in tonight at 9ET | 6PT!

Expedition Unknown | The Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

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Dozer Dave is back!

Get ready for an all new Dave Turin's Lost Mine tonight at 9ET | 6PT!

Dave Turin's Lost Mine | Big Bowl Bet

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Jeff Knoll
A charred wreck threatens to crumble on the Chatham Towing crew.

Heavy Rescue 401 Tuesday at 10ET | 7PT.

Heavy Rescue: 401 | You Are Never Safe

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Are you ready for an all new season of Jade Fever?

It all starts TONIGHT at 10ET | 7PT!

Jade Fever | The Big Deal

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Terri Kovalcik
Michael Fromberg
Will heavy rainfall and raging waters shut Dustin out of his push to finish the season?

Find out on the season finale of Gold Rush: White Water tonight at 9ET | 7PT!

Gold Rush: White Water | Royal Flush

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The mining season starts off with a bang when Claudia receives a jade order worth $250,000 - but do they have a big enough boulder for the sale?

A new season of Jade Fever premieres TONIGHT at 10ET | 7PT.

Jade Fever | New Season

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