Devi 2 Tamil Movie Scenes | RJ Balaji comes home | Tamannaah drives out RJ Balaji

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Jul 26, 2019


Devi 2 Tamil Movie Scenes | RJ Balaji comes home | Tamannaah drives out RJ Balaji
Devi 2 Tamil Movie Scenes | RJ Balaji comes home | Tamannaah drives out RJ Balaji thumb Devi 2 Tamil Movie Scenes | RJ Balaji comes home | Tamannaah drives out RJ Balaji thumb Devi 2 Tamil Movie Scenes | RJ Balaji comes home | Tamannaah drives out RJ Balaji thumb


  • We are caught in some kind of mess
  • You don't want me to find out about it
  • What is it?
  • And why?
  • I don't know
  • But let me request you just this
  • Whatever the problem
  • Don't abandon me
  • What, dear?
  • What are you preoccupied about?
  • - Nothing, dad - What happened?
  • I met a lady today, pa
  • I was really disturbed listening to her brother's love story
  • 'The girl he loved died it seems'
  • 'She looks ditto like me'
  • Mentally he's not well
  • His sisters want me to profess my love to him to cure him
  • If that will cure a person of his ailment you shouldn't even think twice
  • How can I profess my love to a random stranger?
  • I understand
  • Even if you fall in love with a person you've befriended for a long time
  • Sometimes you will tend to hesitate
  • Still if someone will benefit it isn't wrong at all
  • - What are you saying? - Yes, Sara
  • I think you should help them
  • 'Okay, boys Get ready'
  • Give it to him
  • This is your last day
  • If you go now you won't come back
  • Yes, your love is a success So is our Operation Exit-Spirit
  • We will meet after 30-40 years
  • Hand shake
  • 'What's this new car coming up our driveway?'
  • Here I am!
  • Hey! Krishna
  • Who is this, dear?
  • His friend, akka
  • Ages since I saw you!
  • - We are doomed! - How are you, sis?
  • You are even more fair after coming here
  • Who is this? Chinese chef, huh?
  • - Who are you, man? - Padaiyappa!
  • Comedy is your forte!
  • You knew I would come and bought a bouquet for me
  • He is my best friend!
  • Hey stupid! Why are you shouting?
  • Who is this bloody bugger?
  • Wondering why he's swearing in English? That's our habit from childhood!
  • Hey...hey...hey!
  • Just say 'Clear out'
  • Out!
  • Just to see you I flew from Dubai to Pollachi
  • From my hometown to Chennai I didn't get a flight here easily
  • I finally land here and-
  • Why does he talk like a radio jockey without breathing?
  • Who the hell asked you to come here?
  • - Bro, come in - I'll start crying
  • How can you ask me to get out? I got you both married
  • Can get out this way also
  • Don't try to cover up
  • Even I have my own pride, self worth and feel embarrassed, understand?
  • I'm leaving
  • He belongs to the shameless clan!
  • 2 minutes
  • - Me...? - 'Go inside'
  • Why is 'it' calling me?
  • This place is awesome
  • I can stay put here for the next 10 days
  • Good to see you, bro He's really stressed at work
  • We were taking him to the doctor
  • He speaks like that to me too Don't get mad at him
  • That isn't the point He can be rude to you
  • You came into his life today We go back to our toddler stage
  • How can he be rude to me!
  • What is the problem?
  • Call her
  • Sara waiting
  • As if she will come if I call her
  • Aiyo! It fell down!
  • Alex...wait, don't go inside
  • Wait!
  • What will I do?
  • Aiyo! Changed his avatar
  • 'No, don't try to convince me'
  • 'Aiyo! Why is he here?'
  • Hey Ganesha!
  • Hi! When did you come?
  • He came just now, we were catching up with all the news
  • You landed all of a sudden?
  • Surprise, huh? How is your appa?
  • - Don't play the fool - I told you about his stress
  • Stress means will you play Jekyll and Hyde? Will you yell at me?
  • - How do you know I'm stressed at work? - God help me!
  • Hey! She's the culprit
  • Will you blabber everything?
  • Machan, I swear I was sleeping inside
  • - I don't know how I came here - You forget everything
  • 'Ghajini' memory!
  • - I'll take you to the doctor - Small capsule
  • I consulted a doctor He has prescribed tablets
  • Just 1 tablet makes me sleep 24 hours
  • Bro, you can talk to him later
  • 1st we'll see the doctor Why don't you refresh yourself?
  • Refresh myself? I'll be staying here for 10 days
  • Why should you get stressed?
  • - I'll take him to the doctor - 10 days, huh?
  • How will we manage for 10 days?
  • Why do you keep yakking? My friend must be starving
  • - Serve him a South Indian spread - Mauritius 'mor kuzhambu'!
  • Australian puffed rice 'upma'
  • I should cook a gourmet meal, huh?
  • Am I a grinder?
  • To be cooking for all and sundry
  • Madam, sorry
  • - Me, huh? - Don't misunderstand
  • Can you give us privacy as a family?
  • - She meant you, man - Not her
  • My dear sister!
  • - You meant him? - Yes
  • If he comes from India is this the only place?
  • - Isn't there any hotel here? - Devi!
  • Shouldn't a young couple enjoy time together?
  • 'True that'
  • Young...youngsters?!
  • You have a 3 year old daughter
  • - But this is how close we are! - Disgusting!
  • What are you waiting for? Tell him to leave
  • - How come this female is here? - Bathroom is my hideout!
  • Why stop someone who wants to go? Let him go
  • If she is so rude I'll really leave, da
  • Show it in action, go!
  • Dai! I can't afford to stay in a hotel
  • I don't know anyone here
  • Is that why you thought I want to stay here?
  • Can I stay in your house only for 10 days?
  • Please...please
  • He is on his way out You come along
  • If she talks like this I'll really go
  • - Get out! - I'm going
  • Ganesha...hey!
  • Wait, da
  • Krishna is stepping out
  • Wait, da
  • I would have gone Our friendship is stopping me!
  • I'll come back for your sake
  • - Why are you like this? - Haven't you left as yet?
  • Get out!
  • Changing your mind every 2nd minute What's wrong with you?
  • - Let's discuss it inside, bro - Are you a mad family?
  • Worse than Mad comics I won't stay here a second longer
  • I'll even sleep on the sidewalk
  • Country brute!
  • I'm going
  • 'You want to call me back with a dead end here, I won't come'
  • It's getting late
  • Hello! Why late?
  • 5 minutes We'll come
  • This spirit and his stupid song!
  • Only 1/2 an hour left
  • Alex bro will vanish then
  • Sara hasn't turned up
  • Blame it on the devil that caught a flight all the way to this island
  • Did you message Sara?
  • I already did, dear But she hasn't replied
  • Who are these men in red?
  • 'They are coming towards us'
  • Akka, if they see Krishna, that's it
  • - We'll be buying trouble - Oh my God!
  • You have to handle this cleverly
  • Only you can do it
  • Now of all times, I left my karate uniform and black belt at home!
  • Go and manage somehow, akka
  • Who are you? Why are you here?
  • - Whom do you want to meet? - That chap
  • Which chap?
  • 'That chap' means? Tell me his name
  • Which one of the 3?
  • We see only 1 chap there
  • We want to talk to him
  • Where is he?
  • That isn't just 1 person They are 3 in 1
  • Of the 3 men, which one?
  • - Why, madam? - Why, man?
  • We can see only 1 fellow
  • I saw with my eyes wide open He is '3 in 1 man'
  • How long will you repeat it like a lunatic?
  • About half an hour
  • 'Hope Ranga Reddy comes soon'
  • Whom do you want to meet?
  • That man over there
  • I'm asking you which one of the 3 Why don't you tell me?
  • Only that fellow
  • 'Which one do you want to see?'
  • 'Look at me'
  • - So bloody loud - Ranga Reddy avatar!
  • - Not paying heed to my words? - She's a royal pain!
  • You open your eyes wide 3 men are over there
  • Not now Let's go
  • Hello, madam, see you
  • It's getting late
  • See you, bro
  • Alex's girl will meet Ranga Reddy now!
  • - Hi Krish - Don't talk to him
  • Bah! Finally got rid of them
  • Hurry up
  • Akka!
  • - What's the matter? - Nothing
  • Only we know we are acting
  • But he is oblivious, right?
  • You came here a bit late
  • So he walked off in a huff
  • - Sorry, I got held up - It's okay
  • I'll come early tomorrow
  • No...not tomorrow
  • Sunday holiday
  • - Holiday? - As per our contract!
  • I shoved my foot into my mouth!
  • Come on Monday
  • - Auspicious day - Yes, let's go
  • - Come away - 'Great escape', akka

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Devi 2 Tamil Movie:
Devi 2 is a 2019 Indian Tamil horror comedy film co-written and directed by A. L. Vijay. It is a sequel to the 2016 film Devi.The film features Prabhu Deva,
Tamannaah, Nandita Swetha, and Dimple Hayati in the lead roles, while Kovai Sarala, RJ Balaji, and Saptagiri plays supporting roles.
The film was simultaneously shot in Telugu as Abhinetri 2. The film released on 31 May 2019

Directed by A. L. Vijay
Produced by K. Ganesh R. Ravindran
Screenplay by A. L. Vijay Sathya
Starring Prabhu Deva, Tamannaah, Kovai Sarala, Nandita Swetha, Dimple Hayati
Music by Sam C. S.
Cinematography Ayananka Bose
Edited by Anthony

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