Despicable Me 3 in theaters June 30 2017.

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Official trailer out now to celebrate #NationalPetDay. Discover the secret emotional life of pets in #TheSecretLifeOfPets2, in theaters June 7. Get tickets now: fandango.com/Pets2

The Secret Life of Pets 2 - Official Trailer

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Ever wondered what’s going on behind those puppy dog eyes? Unlock The Secret Life Of Pets 2 Snap lens to find out now. [ Po.st Link ]

The Secret Life of Pets | Dog Lens

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Wicaksono Wibowo
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Own The Grinch today with Three Mini Movies including the Minions. [ Uni.pictures Link ]

The Grinch | Street Release

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Get #TheGrinch TODAY on iTunes with 3 Mini Movies: [ Uni.pictures Link ]

The Grinch | iTunes

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With great power comes great adorability. Watch the Snowball trailer for #TheSecretLifeOfPets2 now – in theaters Summer 2019.

The Secret Life Of Pets 2 - The Snowball Trailer [HD]

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He’s so fluffy! Check out the lyric video for Tyler the Creator’s new song “I am the Grinch” from Illumination’s @grinchmovie. In theaters now.

I am the Grinch

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Just when you think you’ve got them figured out. Watch the Max trailer for Illumination Entertainment's The Secret Life Of Pets 2.

The Secret Life Of Pets 2 - The Max Trailer [HD]

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This November, scheme big. The Grinch, featuring new songs by Tyler the Creator, in theaters November 9.

The Grinch - Official Trailer #3

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Benedict Cumberbatch is #TheGrinch. Watch the new trailer now.

The Grinch – Official Trailer #2

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Tag someone with #RestingGrinchFace. We’ll start. @Gru

The Grinch – In Theaters November 9 (Resting Grinch Face)

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