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We can get through this but we all need to change our way of life immediately so we can protect lives and all of our futures. ♥ For up to date info: Australia.gov.au

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Sony Music Australia have released 'Artists Unite For Fire Fight: Concert for National Bushfire Relief' → smarturl.it/FireFightAlbum Featuring a live performance from my set, and from all the amazing artists who performed. All proceeds will be donated to Sony Foundation Australia supporting young Australians in bushfire affected communities. XxD

Artists Unite For Fire Fight: Concert for National Bushfire Relief

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❤ This night was THE best fun XOXOX
I’ve (finally! ;)) just posted the whole performance here: youtu.be/KJBCY7QA7Qk
xxD Love & light!

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HAPPY Mardi Gras!!!

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Thank you for having me Gippsland! ♥If you’re headed to one of the affected bushfire areas be awesome and support local businesses, they need people through their doors now more than ever. We want to see your wonderful faces at our beautiful places!! ⛱☀#LetItRain available now in aid of the bushfire relief. XxD [ Smarturl.it Link ] #Australia #supportlocal

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Let It Rain - The Today Show

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All that love in one place... raising 9.5 million dollars. if there was a roof on that stadium my heart would have blown it right off! Beaming with Australian pride The magic of when people unite. We are one. xox
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80,000 people all singing together! ✨ Such a powerful and emotional day. Thank you to everyone who came, played and made Fire Fight Australia possible to raise much needed funds Our country has a huge recovery ahead and we are very grateful for the support from everyone all over the world #FirefightAustralia #Australia

I Am Australian #FireFightAustralia

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Can’t wait to be back with my fam and play Fire Fight Australia ✨ Incredible to think how many people are coming together on Sunday in support of #Australia XX
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❤Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful people! oxoxox If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be! Find your #Destiny at Chemist Warehouse
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❤ Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful people! oxoxox If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be! Find your #Destiny at Chemist Warehouse #FulfillYourDestiny [ Chemistwarehouse.com.au Link ]
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1 week to go until #FireFightAustralia This is going to be huge! xxD
Channel 7 ANZ Stadium


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