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World’s Most Squishable Face!!! #cutie
Ranveer Singh
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Khan Sahib Lala
حبيبة رزونتها
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Your #MentalHealth is as important as your physical health. Do not hesitate to seek support when you are feeling overwhelmed. #YouAreNotAlone.

Click on my Instagram Wellness Guide for ideas and advice on nurturing your mental health during this period of uncertainty and beyond. bit.ly/MentalHealth_Guide

Deepika Padukone on Instagram: “Mental Health in the time of COVID-19 ”

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Deepika Padukone posted on May 18, 2020

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Tanisa Mim
Deepika Padukone posted on May 18, 2020

Deepika Padukone

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Ahmed Ragab
Reena's Creative Artwork
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क्रीष्टिन सिम्खडा
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Major throwback to 1st January, 2000.
I was 13 & awkward.I still am.
He was having lunch.Curd Rice to be precise.I was hungry, like I always am.But he didn’t offer and I didn’t ask... #random #anecdote
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I miss you peanut !!!Cannot wait to jump on you and squish you!!! #AnishaPadukone
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نسمه امل
Nadia Nur
Love You Amma!❤
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For your unconditional love, for always putting our priorities before your own, for holding us together...every step of the way!And last but not the least, for showing us how to be ridiculously meticulous!(as shown in exhibit B)We love you!❤ #UjjalaPadukone #AnjuBhavnani

Ranveer Singh

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please come back! #irrfankhan
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