Dead Celebrities Who Are Actually Alive

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Dead Celebrities Who Are Actually Alive
Dead Celebrities Who Are Actually Alive thumb Dead Celebrities Who Are Actually Alive thumb Dead Celebrities Who Are Actually Alive thumb


  • Death is not the end, especially if you're a dead celebrity that never really...
  • - ...died in the first place. - Let's talk about that.
  • ♪ (theme music) ♪
  • - Good Mythical Morning! - They say the only certainties in life...
  • ...are death and taxes. But you know what? You can go ahead and cross
  • death off that list, because some people that you think are dead aren't...
  • - ...really dead. - Because this is the kind of thing...
  • ...that happens. I mean, Olivia Newton John's ex-boyfriend
  • faked his own death. I'm faking my own beard. But today, we're gonna talk
  • about some of the most popular theories about celebrities faking their
  • own deaths. It's time for Fake Your Death 'til You Make Your Death:...
  • - ...Celebrity Edition! - B-b-b-boom!
  • Let's get started with probably the most popular celebrity to have possibly
  • faked his death: Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll.
  • You want Elvis to be alive. Let's just go on record right off the bat.
  • - No, I don't. - You were a big Elvis fan.
  • No, I want him to be dead, because he supposedly died in August, 1977.
  • I was born in October, 1977. So I hold a dream...
  • - You think you reincarnated? - ...that I am reincarnated.
  • And if he's alive, I'm not him! So don't tell me he's alive.
  • - But he might be. Let's talk about it. - Okay.
  • He was 42 years old when he (sarcastically) "died."
  • - (crew offscreen laughing) - Cause of death: massive heart...
  • ...attack. The rumor has it that he was on the toilet, even though
  • I think he was just in the bathroom. Massive drug overdose.
  • Also massive overdose of fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
  • - Ooh! - Those two things really didn't...
  • - ...do his body well. - Had my first one two weeks ago.
  • - It was amazing. - Oh really?
  • - Don't even like bananas. Loved it. - You should add mayonnaise to it.
  • - And Nutella. I did. - Believe it or not.
  • Okay. You're crazy. All right. Why do people thing that he faked...
  • - ...his death? - Because they want him to be alive.
  • - It's that simple. - Well, one of the main theories...
  • ...goes that -- it's not even a theory. It's just a fact. On his tombstone,
  • it says "Elvis Aaron Presley." But it's ay-ay-ron. Ay-ay-ron. Two As.
  • - But he actually spelled it with one A. - Really?
  • So, of course, because they misspelled his middle name, he must still be alive.
  • Well, if that's not his name, that's not him. I'm with you.
  • - It's just called a misprint, dude. - I love how we both keep switching...
  • ...back and forth, like who's gonna believe this.
  • Also, the National Enquirer, very reputable source, posted photos of
  • Elvis's open casket funeral. They actually paid a cousin to go in a take a snapshot
  • during the funeral, and then they released these. It was a big deal when it happened.
  • - Mm. Mhm. - (Rhett) Here it is. And lots...
  • ...of people who think that he's not dead say that obviously a wax figure.
  • That is not Elvis.But I have examined this black-and-white photo very, very closely.
  • My professional opinion is that's probably Elvis. (laughing)
  • - (crew offscreen laughing) - (Link) It looks like a really...
  • - ...young Elvis, which is weird to me. - (Rhett) Oh!
  • - (Link) It doesn't look like the old Elvis. - (Rhett) Oh, it's weird to you?
  • (Rhett) Well, maybe he's not dead. Now, he has been seen by hundreds
  • of people all around the world. And there is a really interesting thing that
  • happened, supposedly. The day after Elvis died, a man named John Burrows
  • appeared at the Memphis airport, bought a one-way ticket Buenos Aires,
  • Argentina, and he reportedly looked and sound just like the King himself.
  • And John Burrows was the alias that Elvis allegedly used when he would
  • book hotels and when communicating with the FBI. Remember that?
  • When he used to communicate with the FBI?
  • I don't remember it, but I've heard about it.
  • But I think the best evidence for Elvis still being around is this one video...
  • - ...that we have found. - Oh.
  • And that is the fact that he never left Graceland. He actually just stuck
  • around and now he is trimming the shrubs. He is the groundskeeper...
  • - ...at Graceland. - And this is someone's conspiracy...
  • - ...theory, not just yours? - Oh, this is definitely a conspiracy...
  • ...theory, and we have video evidence. Let's show that.
  • - Here he is. -Okay.
  • - Now, you tell me that's not Elvis. - Are you talking about the guy...
  • ...in the orange shirt who's the only one onscreen, 'cause that looks...
  • - ...nothing like Elvis. - No, no no! I know he looks a lot...
  • ...like Kenny Rogers, but a lot of people think that this is Elvis.
  • - He's walking right towards us! - Watch what happens now.
  • - He's gonna confront us. - Watch what happens with this left hand.
  • Watch it. Watch it. Watch it. See that right there? That symbol?
  • You think he might just be scratching his temple?
  • Oh, look! He's got a freaking Elvis t-shirt on!
  • - It says his name on it. - What are the chances?!
  • - Why would you wear an Elvis t-shirt if you're not Elvis?
  • - He might think Elvis is weak. - So anyway, I'm not making this up.
  • Lots of people think that this is Elvis, because he would be 81.
  • Kinda walks like Elvis. Got an Elvis t-shirt, and he did this symbol with...
  • - ...his finger, which, according to... - What is that? It was like this.
  • ...the description in this YouTube video, is the proof of life signal.
  • - What? - The international sign of...
  • ...proof of life. Not the international sign of "I have an inch on my head."
  • - (laughing) - Okay, the guy's alive!
  • But that's not the "proof I'm Elvis" symbol.
  • - (laughing) - Yeah, it is! You just say the King, man!
  • - Okay. (clears throat) - Okay, you don't believe it. All right.
  • - Maybe he is dead. - I'm intrigued. I'm not gonna...
  • ...close the case on it. Can I open it on Jim Morrison?
  • - You can! - (Link) Of course, lead singer...
  • ...of the Doors, the Lizard King himself. Born 1943. He is currently 72 years old.
  • - Right, because he's not dead. Mhm. - And is alive.
  • But he supposedly died July 3, 1971, at the age of 27.
  • Supposedly had heart failure and died in the bathtub...
  • - Huh. - ...of his Paris apartment.
  • - These celebrities in their bathrooms. - But here's the skinny, man.
  • - No autopsy was performed. - Ooh.
  • - No police report was filed. - What?
  • Uh-huh. He was put on ice for three days and taken to the coroner.
  • Only two people ever saw the body: his girlfriend and a shady doctor named...
  • - ...Dr. Max Vassille. - Vassille?
  • - Dr. Maximum Vassille. - That sounds shady.
  • - Yeah, it sounds like a Bond villain. - Sounds like something you get...
  • - ...treated for. - Yeah. If Vassille is your man...
  • ...get a second opinion. But Jim had a motive. Get this.
  • Two years earlier, he freaked out on stage, and whipped out his ding-a-ling.
  • - (laughing) All right. - He did. He did!
  • - I've heard about this. - "Gotta die now."
  • So he was out on bail after being arrested...
  • - Was it accidental or purposeful? - It was purposeful.
  • - What song was it? - He freaked out on stage.
  • - Don't know. - Come On Baby, Light My Fire.
  • - I don't know. - Okay. That's the one you know.
  • He was facing jail time, so he fled to Paris, when two years later, he died.
  • But he didn't die. Where is he now? Theory one: he is a bearded poet living...
  • - ...in Schenectady, New York. - Sounds about right.
  • A YouTuber named brokkenstar has filmed a local man named Richard -- that's what
  • he's going by now -- since 2009. Just watch Jim Morrison right here.
  • - Here he is. - Is that him?
  • - Looks like Santa Claus. - "Came in for a landing."
  • - (voice officers) Jimmy! - Skip down a road...
  • ...clothed in simple innocence, where wiser men strode in their...
  • - ...youthful exuberance. - (Rhett) Um...
  • Take a share in our heritage and grow from a seed...
  • - (Rhett) Link. - ...planted with the experience.
  • - He's a poet, just like Jim Morrison! - Well...
  • - The Lizard King! - I can say a poem, too. That doesn't...
  • - ...make me Jim Morrison. - Can you say a poem as good as...
  • "Skip down a road, clothed in simple innocence, where wiser men strode
  • in their youthful exuberance. Take a share in our heritage and grow from a seed...
  • - ...planted with the experience"? - Okay, you're right. It is Jim Morrison.
  • - (laughing) - I'm sorry.
  • But I'll give you another theory, too. He is living on a ranch in Eagle Point,
  • Oregon. Gerald Pitts, who claimed to have been Jim Morrison's agent said that
  • Jim has changed his name to William James Loyer and he opened up a
  • ranch called -- get this -- the Jim Morrison Sanctuary.
  • A little... a little... a little creepy, huh?
  • - (laughing) - A little suspicious.
  • Why would a guy named... Why would Jim Morrison fake his own death and go
  • "Oh, I'm gonna be real sneaky. I'm gonna open up the Jim Morrison...
  • - ...Sanctuary." - And he can't hide. Look at this video...
  • ...which puts all the puzzle pieces together.
  • (Link) So what does William James Loyer, AKA Jim Morrison, look like now?
  • - (Link) There he is. Holding his guns. - (Rhett) Oh.
  • - (Link) But watch this. - (Rhett) Okay, because it didn't look...
  • ...like Jim Morrison the first time I saw it.
  • - (Link) Here we go. Wait of it! - (Rhett) Still doesn't look like...
  • - ...Jim Morrison - (Link) See that creeping in?
  • - (Link) Here it comes. There it is. - (Rhett) Oh, that's Jim Morrison's...
  • - ...face coming in. - (Link) Yep, floatin' in.
  • (Link) Aaaand BAM! There it is! (laughing)
  • - (Rhett) Completely covering his face? - (Link) No, it's there, man!
  • (Link) That is him! Same guy. The proprietor of Jim Morrison Sanctuary...
  • - ...my friends, is Jim Morrison. - I don't... (stammering)
  • Is it still under there? Is his original face still under there? Because if so...
  • - ...this is definitely believable to me. - (Link) Me too.
  • - All right. possible. - Got another one for ya.
  • - I know you're a big fan of Tupac Shakur. - (Rhett) I am.
  • (Link) He is a rap artist, who is still living.
  • - Right. - He is 45 years old now, if he's still...
  • ...alive. Born in 1971. ♪ (California love) ♪
  • - He sang that. - Yeah. He sounded just like that.
  • - (crew offscreen laughing) - (laughing) Yeah.
  • - Oh my goodness. - So, okay. Listen...
  • You just dishonored him, whether he's dead or alive.
  • He supposedly died on September 7, 1996, when he was at a Mike Tyson / Bruce
  • Seldon fight, which I don't remember who Bruce Seldon is.
  • That's because he got knocked out by Mike Tyson.
  • You're probably right. And he was actually shot on September 7.
  • - He did not died for seven more days. - Okay.
  • So that night after the fight, he gets in the car, and a white Cadillac pulls up
  • next to Tupac and Suge Knight and fires 14 rounds into the car.
  • - Okay. - Tupac was hit four times.
  • Like I said, he died seven days later. But this is why it was fake, okay?
  • - Okay. - Just think of these things.
  • 14 shots were fired. None of them hit Suge Knight.
  • - And he's a big target. - He's a big target and a shady character.
  • You'd think he's get hit at least six or seven times.
  • Tupac had already been shot in 1994, so he reported that he would always
  • wear a bulletproof vest after that, yet he did not wear one this particular night?
  • But how come every time I picture Tupac, he has his shirt off?
  • - Not just because it's like a fantasy. - That's true.
  • - (crew offscreen laughing) - He has a bulletproof vest that looks...
  • - ...like a Tupac torso with Thug Life. - No, but he has the bandana...
  • - ...and then he's shirtless. - That is a...
  • - It's bulletproof vest? - That's a bulletproof torso vest.
  • - Oh. Then I take everything back. - Right. No one saw the shooting occur...
  • ...or reported seeing the white Cadillac in the area, even though it happened
  • on the Vegas strip right after this major fight. Hm...
  • Shug Knight says he never saw the body after he died.
  • - Well, did Shug Knight see him get shot? - (laughing) Yeah.
  • - Because let's talk to Shug about that. - He was right there.
  • And then Shug paid someone to cremate Tupac, and then that guy retired...
  • - ...immediately after cremating Tupac. - That's just because you get a huge...
  • - And he was never seen again! - ...check after that.
  • You get a huge check after cremating a celebrity. It's like, "I'm going to Hawaii!"
  • He's never been seen. The cremator of Tupac is nowhere to be found, man.
  • The cremator of Tupac could be Tupac. (laughing)
  • - Exactly! Yes, Rhett. Now you're... - Yeah.
  • - ...onto something. Plus, Tupac's... - Yes, okay. I see.
  • ...last album release while he was alive. He referred to himself as Makaveli,
  • which is a direct reference to Machiavelli, 15th-century Italian writer
  • who suggested that the only way to defeat your enemies was to, what?
  • - (both) Fake your own death. - Case closed.
  • You don't even need to continue. But you should.
  • - So where is Tupac now, you ask? - Anywhere he wants to be.
  • Well, he's in Cuba. That's where he wants to be.
  • - Huh? - He wants to escape the limelight...
  • ...and the death threats of his east coast west coast beef.
  • - Mhm. - And that's where he is, living with...
  • ...his aunt. How do we know that? Because Rihanna posted a picture
  • from Cuba of her with him. Here it is. How convinced are you?
  • - (Link) 100%? I thought so. (Rhett) I definitely don't sense...
  • - ...and Photoshop in that picture. - (Link) No. Especially like right...
  • - ...around the mouth region. (Rhett) Yeah, yeah, yeah.
  • (Link) His mouth region and her hair region.
  • (Rhett) And also the fact that he still looks exactly the same age that he...
  • - ...was when we knew him to be alive. - Mm.
  • But you know what? I don't know. Cuba's a great climate.
  • It's a great place. There's a lot of humidity.
  • Lemme give you another one. This is there real smoking gun. It's a video
  • of Tupac appearing the the 2011 Occupy Wall Street stand-in.
  • Well, first of all, I can see on the still right here. Isn't that the wizard...
  • - ...from Harry Potter on the left? - Yeah, that's Dumbledore.
  • And then look right behind him, and press play on it, brother, because...
  • - ...here he comes. There he is. - (Rhett) oh, is that Tupac in...
  • ...the yellow hoodie? Yeah, that's Tupac!
  • (Link) And then it's been frozen, and then look.
  • - (Rhett) Hold on. There's another Tupac. - (Link) Compare the circled cheeks.
  • - (Link) The are the same. - (Rhett) Exactly the same.
  • (Link) This is, uh... delaamemo's YouTube video, and then you go...
  • - (Rhett) Oh, no! Oh, no! - (Link) Look at that! Right there!
  • - (Rhett) If you had any doubts. - (Link) And then, there you go.
  • - (Link) I added that. - (Rhett) Oh, gosh.
  • - Look at that. - You know what? When Tupac's face...
  • ...replaces that other guy who's not Tupac, that's when it really looks...
  • - ...just like Tupac. - (Link) Yeah, it's so convincing!
  • - (Link) She is also Tupac. - (Rhett) Yeah, you put Tupac over...
  • ...that old white lady's face, she looks like Tupac.
  • Exactly! Tupac is everywhere. Because Tupac is alive.
  • Hm. If you're interested in the subject of people faking their own deaths,
  • there's a book about it called "Playing Dead: A Journey Through the
  • World of Death Fraud," and we've got a deal for you.
  • You can go to audible.com/GMM and get a free 30-day trial!
  • They've got over 180,000 audiobook titles, including that one. The link is in the...
  • - ...description: audible.com/GMM. - Thanks for liking, commenting...
  • - ...and subscribing. - You know what time it is.
  • Hi, I'm Lex. And I'm about to do a show. And I'm from Tennessee.
  • And this is my juggle, Rudy! And it's time to spin The Wheel Of Mythicality!
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  • audible.com/GMM for your free, 30-day trial.
  • And click through to Good Mythical More, where I'm gonna share a personal...
  • - ...story from my life. - Uh-oh!
  • A trip that I took my dog, Jade, on recently that you're gonna wanna take...
  • - ...your dog, Barbara, on as well. - Well, we'll see about that.
  • - Predict. - (Rhett) "Birds plotting to...
  • - ...poop on cars." Hey! - Hey!
  • - Look at that one! - I'm just looking down there.
  • - You see what I see? - It's a convertible!
  • - Uh-huh! Open the hatch! - Tupac and Shug Knight are in there!
  • - Uh-huh! 14 droppers! - Let's both aim for Shug, because...
  • - ...Tupac's been through too much. - Br-br-br-br-br-br-br!
  • [Captioned by Kevin: GMM Captioning Team]

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