Daughter Claims Her Dad ‘Does Nothing But Smoke Weed And Dress Like A Teenager’

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Apr 17, 2019


Daughter Claims Her Dad ‘Does Nothing But Smoke Weed And Dress Like A Teenager’
Daughter Claims Her Dad ‘Does Nothing But Smoke Weed And Dress Like A Teenager’ thumb Daughter Claims Her Dad ‘Does Nothing But Smoke Weed And Dress Like A Teenager’ thumb Daughter Claims Her Dad ‘Does Nothing But Smoke Weed And Dress Like A Teenager’ thumb


  • My dad has been living with my grandmother
  • and he has been mooching off of her the entire time.
  • Jeff moved me and my brothers
  • into my grandmother's house 16 years ago
  • after my parents divorced.
  • I refer to my dad as Jeff to other people
  • because he was never the father figure to me.
  • He was more of an older brother.
  • Jeff acts like he's in high school.
  • He does nothing but smoke weed
  • and dress like a teenager with ruined pants,
  • flannels, beanies every single day.
  • He can't get a meaningful job and he's almost 50.
  • Jeff expects everything to be handed to him in life.
  • Every time I have tried to spend time with Jeff,
  • it seems that he always is asking me for money
  • or a ride or to borrow my vehicle.
  • At one point, my dad was working at a fast food restaurant
  • as a regular crew member and I was hired on as management
  • which seemed to upset him.
  • Very shortly after I was hired, he quit.
  • I feel so terrible for my grandma
  • because she had to come out of retirement just to support us
  • and to see my dad not even try to get a meaningful job
  • but to continually just take take take take take
  • while she is working herself to death is ludicrous.
  • I think video games are a good stress relief for me.
  • I am fed up with my father's behavior.
  • There is no excuse for it.
  • He's a grown man.
  • He can't be my grandma's little baby son anymore.
  • If my dad doesn't change, then we're done.
  • Okay, you're fed up, right?
  • Absolutely.
  • What's pushed you over the edge?
  • I'm just tired of him constantly no matter what
  • I'm going through, you know,
  • I went through a really rough break up recently
  • and tried to confide in him.
  • I just lost my home and I lost everything that I have
  • and his response was, you can come stay on my couch
  • if I can use your car tomorrow
  • and that was his response to me telling him
  • I had nowhere to live.
  • I'll let you sleep on my couch.
  • I didn't know he had one, but.
  • (laughing) He clearly doesn't.
  • So at this point he's stuck.
  • He is.
  • He's got no where to go and he doesn't have experience
  • in the past decade in his field.
  • He's got no meaningful relationships with friends
  • that can actually help him build a reputation
  • and move foreword and he can't even
  • treat his kids with respect,
  • so how are we supposed to help him and be around him.
  • And he worked for you for a while?
  • Didn't like that.
  • Yeah, we were both hired at the same fast food restaurant.
  • He was hired first and then myself a month later.
  • I was hired immediately into management.
  • We started working together and he got angry
  • because he couldn't boss me around at work
  • and he would raise his voice at other employees or myself
  • and I would tell him okay, you got to knock that off,
  • like go outside take a break
  • and when you come back inside,
  • you better be ready to work or you can just go home
  • and I'll do your job for you
  • and he just ended up quitting because
  • he didn't like me being in charge of him I guess.

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A young woman claims her father won’t get meaningful work, “mooches” off grandma, and “does nothing but smoke weed and dress like a teenager.”

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