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Data Is Beautiful

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This channel is my passion project taking us on a fun trip down memory lane together so we can relive the colorful events we all experienced.

I am a first-year PhD student, data geek, who enjoys making visualizations as a hobby. I stumble upon numerous data while I research and I'm happy to share it with you. I read every suggestion you guys post. I appreciate your contributions!

People looking to steal my content:

I'm the most pro-sharing type of person. I believe in information being public and accessible. I spend most of my daily hours, working hard digging for interesting data sets.

If you want to use my videos elsewhere for educational purposes, drop me a line. For any other usage, you can embed the YouTube player. I am alerted about stolen videos every day thanks to my subscribers. I am actively submitting copyright infringements on YT, FB, IG. Sad.

I encourage you to search for interesting data and create your own unique videos. You'll find it can be fun and rewarding :)


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