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Had a great time taking part in a social media workshop at the Eberspächer Group World Conference here in Frankfurt. Really looking forward to the next adventure with these guys later in the year!! #eberspächer #controlyourclimate

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Awesome to see Endura doing more for sustainability! #AllTribesOneClan #SustainabilityStories

Endura - 1 Million Trees

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Getting the 2020 New Year's resolutions done!

#redbull #gymnasium #trials

Danny MacAskill Gets Warmed Up In The Gymnasium

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I’ve always wanted to transfer between 2 slacklines on my bike. After 199 goes I didn’t even come close to landing both tires on the line. Then in the 200th go it worked perfect haha! It’s all about a wee bit of blind perseverance!!

Full film➡ [ Youtu.be Link ]

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From Gymnasium: [ Youtu.be Link ]

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Cheers for all the positive feedback on the new film!! #gymnasium

Danny MacAskill's Gymnasium

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Aye, it’s that time of year again to start hitting the gym sticking to those New Years resolutions.
What every they are, make sure you are having fun while doing them!!

Delighted to announce my new video “Gymnasium” is online now!!

[ Youtu.be Link ]

Huge thanks to Red Bull and Cut Media for making it happen! #redbull #gymnasium #trials
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Hi everyone, hope you all had an awesome Christmas! Sorry I’ve not posted in a while... I’ve been working on a few new projects which have been keeping me busy! Here’s a peek at my new Santa Cruz Bicycles one off Carbon trials bike that I will be riding in my up and coming film releasing in January! This has to be by far the coolest bike I’ve owned!! Can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up...

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Are you going to ride your bike during winter like I did with the help of my “control your weather” app? #eberspaecher #winter #mtb

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WIRED UK featured some behind the scenes of my biggest videos from the last decade!

Street stunt rider Danny MacAskill breaks down his most epic tricks

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