dank memes I watch instead of doing the laundry

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dank memes I watch instead of doing the laundry
dank memes I watch instead of doing the laundry thumb dank memes I watch instead of doing the laundry thumb dank memes I watch instead of doing the laundry thumb


  • Hey mom when did we get so rich? what? when did we get so rich? I did not know that. Yeah we are.., BECAUSE WE GOT A HELICOPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes, okay, thank you
  • Yeah, it's definitely no, no, don't touch my hands with your mouth Dean. Okay. Yes. Okay, okay
  • Yep, okay
  • Hello. Yes, uh a little close to my hands there. Yeah. Keep going. Yeah. Yeah, okay
  • Peace be with you ma'am. Hello? Yeah. Oh no. Yeah. Peace be with you. Yes. Nice to meet you. Dad. Dad dad
  • Yeah gone. Why? Hello? Yes. Okay. No, there's a little too close man. Yes, definitely sir. No, okay move on move on. Yeah
  • Hello, ma'am. Yes. Okay. Come on. Oh god. No, don't touch my hands. Stop. Yes, sir. Hello. Nope. Goodbye. Go on
  • Yep, Oh peace be with you ma'am. Yes. Hello. Nice to meet you. Hey there
  • Okay, yes, hey yeah, thank you. All right. Yeah gun, peace be with you. Oh, yes. Hello, uh
  • Yeah. Hello, sir. Yes, uh, no, keep it up. Okay
  • Yes, my boy. Okay. Yes that yes gun. Oh, yes. Okay. I know you yes. Okay, uh-huh. And hello two years. Well, okay
  • Yeah, yeah. All right. Yeah, right
  • Sorry, I'm gonna have to Pat you down
  • I'm gonna have to pay I'm gonna I'm gonna have to Pat you down
  • I'm going to Pat you down. Okay, Oh
  • God
  • Sir, please refer god. I
  • Can't do this. I'm afraid I found a weed in your possession
  • Mother
  • He just fucking ate weed. Alright, I'm gonna have to make an arrest. You're going to jail. What the
  • What is the first rule of gun safety
  • There you go gray, come on what I'm here teaching my gun safety
  • Good morning TPS students it is testing week and it's time to slay all day nits
  • Stay woke beyond fleek and get that Gucci breakfast goals
  • Say bye Felisha to that testing stress weather's gonna be turned right Chris. Yes
  • Toledo weather gonna be the lit during testing week a hundo pee chance of success
  • You've got this kids Steve about that traffic. Are we looking? Okay?
  • Better than okay
  • We're talking turn. Omo won't be an issue
  • No traffic problems around any TPS schools to keep you from taking those tests
  • You asked to see my hand here it is in the fresh
  • Don't make assumptions don't think I'm dr
  • Crane
  • You
  • Hello
  • Motherfucking boys
  • Alright fifteen-year-old girl slutty clothes
  • Nicotine addiction
  • Seniors
  • Wait, where's the you present what?
  • You're gonna smoke weed now
  • How could you be such an idiot you might as well take the world weed and change that second e to an a
  • Because since you're gonna act so stupid you might as well smell like it, too
  • And since you want to just throw your life away
  • You might as well put an R in that word too because now that you want to smoke you're weird
  • You're not like us other developed individuals since you would act so stupid you might as well put a T in there, too
  • Congratulations, my friend you wanted to smoke weed and now you're a retard
  • Well
  • Here's the motherfucking
  • Replace you easy you said and I thought that you had hey
  • Standing on the side of the road fun
  • Oh my gosh
  • You're never gonna believe this
  • There was a guy standing on the side of the road who looks just like you I'm about to hit him
  • Oh
  • Chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga, choo-choo
  • Right match
  • Yeah, there's a card to the pro-war me
  • No, false alarm PewDiePie better killer when they try to harm a back cut wrap up
  • Let the fancy brought the rappers can't keep up always acted tough
  • Feel easy knowing no number one bed and nobody shutter your donut to come for the drunk
  • To count too many brothers a fine hit atop the trash
  • Fucking with us if you want to come and get it hit up a to Libby and I know you feeling this - killing it
  • I got a feeling we don't offer my villains my boys for Anarchy right? Throw me in the car untuck it

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