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Micheal Weston
This guy was wiped out during a tumbleweed stampede! via ViralHog

Photographer taken out during tumbleweed stampede

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Максим Исаев
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Drew Pitson
Cindy Ivory

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Mohamud Hassan Farah
'If these markets persist, then the public will continue to face heightened risks from emerging new viruses, potentially more lethal'

Coronavirus linked to wildlife market that sold snakes prompts consumption to stop

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Death toll in China rose to 41 today and more than 1,300 people have been infected globally...

Millions usher in the Chinese New Year of the Rat - except in China

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'Today I declare the lifting of the response level to emergency'

Hong Kong freezes travel to Wuhan, shuts schools and axes events

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Heartbreaking news just in...

Double tragedy as man and girl, 8, are killed in Hull house fire

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Jam Ceazaree Deligero
If only brushing your teeth was as exciting as this dog thinks it is! via ViralHog

Dog is so excited to get his teeth brushed

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Spencer Kendall
Submitting to your husband like it's the '50s is the new trend sweeping households (and you can even do a training course in 'perfect femininity)

The 'tradwife' movement leading the backlash against feminism

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Daniel McMillan
This is SO revolting!!

Asian man dips a mouse in a bowl of sauce before eating it ALIVE

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