Cute beagle doesn't want a bath

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05:20   |   May 09, 2019


Cute beagle doesn't want a bath
Cute beagle doesn't want a bath thumb Cute beagle doesn't want a bath thumb Cute beagle doesn't want a bath thumb


  • Okay, we're back home again, and I hate to say it, Oliver, but...
  • ... you're going to have to have a bath.
  • (Oliver whines)
  • (Oliver barks)
  • Just a small bath... just to wash your paws
  • (Oliver barks)
  • We're not going to wash your whole body, OK?
  • (Oliver barks)
  • (Oliver barks)
  • Oliver, it's just going to be your paws, OK?
  • (Oliver barks)
  • Just your paws... it's not that bad
  • Yeah, we can take Chester, your horse, up to the bath if you want
  • Yeah? Want to take Chester?
  • No, that's not the way... No. That's not the way to the bathroom
  • We have to go upstairs, Oliver.
  • Good boy, good boy
  • You go first... go go go!
  • OK, so I filled the bathtub, I've got some towels
  • And Oliver knows that I have some treats that I used to entice him up here
  • Oliver, you are so easy to manipulate! Okay, would you like these treats?
  • First we have to go near the bathtub, okay?
  • OK, wanna get in?
  • This is kind of challenging. I need one hand to hold the phone and two hands to lift you and put you in the bathtub.
  • I don't know if this is going to work.
  • Unless you help me by jumping. C'mon, let's go!
  • That is not gonna work. Okay, I will have to turn off my phone
  • for a sec and get Oliver into the bathtub.
  • Here we go! Oliver is in the bathtub.
  • Yeah, I know you don't like it
  • No! Oliver!
  • Ok, now I have to turn my phone off again and put you back in
  • No, you can't come out here, your paws are wet
  • and we haven't actually cleaned you
  • OK, Oliver, can I dry you off now?
  • Can I dry your paws?
  • They're pretty dry already... there you go, okay?
  • All right, I think you're done! You can go now.
  • Oh, you gonna take a towel with you? Okay!
  • Oliver, I didn't put any water at all on your back... so I'm not sure why you're acting like your back is wet when it's not.
  • It really isn't.
  • Oliver always gets the zoomies after he's been in the bathtub
  • Isn't that right, Oliver?
  • Oh, you can lick it off. You don't like the soap smell?
  • Okay, I think that's it for today... We made it to the dog park and back and now you
  • have clean paws... and it's almost time for D I N N E R.
  • I'm not gonna say that word... not quite yet. We're going to have to wait a little bit.
  • All right, say goodbye, Oliver!
  • (Oliver barks)

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Oliver got a bit dirty at the dog park today. Watch as he strenuously objects to taking a bath!