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CTV National News' London Bureau Chief Paul Workman is writing about life under lockdown in the United Kingdom’s capital on CTVNews.ca.

Paul Workman: Locked down in London, weekend edition

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A Canadian photographer is capturing a series of porch portraits documenting the ‘unified struggle’ of life during a global pandemic in a bid to give back to his community and provide some happy memories during an uncertain time.

Calgary photographer captures life during COVID-19 one 'porch portrait' at a time

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“Now they have left Canada for the U.S. However, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!” U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted.

Trump says U.S. will not pay for Harry and Meghan's security

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A new grocery delivery service that relies on Good Samaritans to get essentials to medical professionals on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 has been set up by a Toronto resident.

Good Samaritans help deliver food to medical professionals in Toronto

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Bill de Blasio says New York City has enough medical supplies to get through the next seven days, except for ventilators.

De Blasio says New York City only has enough medical supplies to last through the week

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As humans are vacating city streets due to the COVID-19 pandemic, animals are moving in,

Nature takes back world's empty city streets

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Dr. Theresa Tam is warning city-dwellers not to travel to their seasonal properties to wait out COVID-19 because it could overload rural health-care systems.

Don't head to your cottage to wait out COVID-19 pandemic, Canadians warned

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The province reported 342 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday.

Quebec confirms 342 new COVID-19 cases

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Health Canada will ensure that all masks and medical equipment arriving from China will be properly evaluated, after reports that the Dutch government recalled over 600,000 faulty masks imported from the country.

Trudeau vows 'no corners cut' in accepting masks, other supplies from China

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"I'm asking you to join in and be part of the solution."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called on Canadians to help out however they can to support the country's most vulnerable citizens.

Read more: [ Ctv.news Link ]

Trudeau asks Canadians to "be part of the solution"

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