The channel of the fisherman from a community Kuta (with Evenki "Good luck"), shows as inhabitants of the North in lower reaches of Lena River fish!
On the channel winter fishing on seines, and summer fishing is presented!
Summer and autumn catching of a sturgeon, nelma, taimen, pike, lenka, chira, muksuna, omul, perch, etc.
In the spring some time I can probably be absent as I get sick with other disease under the name an arrival of geese and an arrival of ducks!
On everything there is respectively a license AIEGN (Association of Indigenous Ethnic Groups of the North) all got fish boiler, distribute to the family and I use!
For disrespect for my followers for all humiliations of h various insults - a ban (NAFOREVOR)!
Friends very sharply there isn't enough gasoline, want to help with gasoline purchase that the card VIZA 4276 7600 1259 5938
Webmoney - R156114265747
with a mark "ON GASOLINE", I will be grateful.
All of neither tail, nor scales!


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