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They say you will see people’s true colours in a time of crisis.

I don’t know if that’s true.

My admin team alerted me to a Queen that had to be blocked today. They don’t usually tell me but this particular Queen has been very kind and supportive for a long time and I had in the past responded to her.

I read a hell of a lot of them and sometimes get a chance to respond to a few. The thing...
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Random ISO thought #427

I wonder if we all ran out of milk like we did toilet paper and I was still breast feeding of family and friends would want me to express them a cheeky glass here and there?
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I can’t believe I am even writing this, I write it not to justify myself and not to clear my name.

I write it because I believe women in business are judged much more then men and it’s my job to educate people on their own internal prejudices when they are pointing at me.

Women are treated like their work is a hobby that they have the choice to proceed with or not, while men are...
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I cannot believe that it’s finally here!

You might not even remember because it was so long ago. But a year ago, I was looking for the perfect colour lipsticks, hoping to maybe work with a brand and create my own colour as I just couldn’t find that perfect tone that complimented my skin and felt like it fitted in with my face. And when I found a brand that came close, I found out they...

Queen's Kiss

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How to stay calm in times of financial uncertainty xxx

My tips for staying happy evern when you dont know whats around the corner

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I promised to show you guys the skirt I made.

The most simple thing I’ve ever made and quite possibly my favourite thing I’ve ever worn.

I just used a piece of thick white elastic, about 9cm thick and I found loads of scrap fabrics and tulle and ripped or cut it into uneven strips (it would work with any scrap strips of fabric at all. I then sewed them onto the elastic folded over unevenly...
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I don’t think the codeine ban is serving us at this time. I’ve only ever had about 3 serious virus’s including adult chicken pox, virus’s that were so bad I couldn’t even look up from my pillow to watch a movie. I’d just lie in bed shaking, feeling freezing and sweating at the same time with an aching lower back and joints. The only thing that helped in those times was nurofen plus, the...
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We are nearly there guys!!!!!

Rafiki Mwema have contacted me besides themselves with your generosity.
If we can reach our target they are going to go into town today and buy 3 months worth of food and 3 months worth of medication for the sick kids.

I can’t believe how generous you are in such hard times, yesterday people who had lost their jobs that day donated, people who had been...
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If you can handle the trigger warning, read this down to the end to see the Isolation party surprise I’m throwing!’

Queens!! We are over half way there!!

You fuckers never ever cease to amaze me!

Trigger warning, very graphic abuse and sexual abuse content follows.

But first....
I want you to imagine she’s white.

You see, someone once confessed to me that she was desensitised to...
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Trigger warning, very graphic abuse and sexual abuse content follows.

But first....
I want you to imagine she’s white.

You see, someone once confessed to me that she was desensitised to suffering of African children, that she didn’t feel as connected to them as she did to say an abducted white child. So I told her a story about one of Rafiki’s children, only I told her this child was blonde...
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