Conor Paul Maynard
19 Years Old
Born: 21st November 1992
Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Dont really know why im describing myself since you can see me in my videos....
Oh well :)

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lol Conor McGregor is the

Conor McGregor was like...

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I posted a pic with my best friends baby before so here’s an update on what little Mila looks like now, it’s her first birthday soon ☺
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2010. Just bought my first recording microphone (well, my parents bought it as a combined birthday + christmas present after a lot of pleading). Little did I know it would lead to all this huh..
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2019 - 3 of my own tracks. Just wanna know if there were any faves amongst you?

รูปภาพจากโพสต์ของ Conor Maynard

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Forget 2019, it's all about 2020 (thanks for an amazing 2019 though)

2019 -> 2020

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you can feel the pain in this..

I feel so sorry for him...

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What do Peter Griffin, Gollum and David Attenborough have in common? They're all singing Christmas songs right here [ Youtu.be Link ]
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She says she can't cook but kind of smashes it ... ❤ or though?

Recipe For Love: Winner Winner Chicken Tagin-ner

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Mood rn ... sometimes it’s Drake or nothing. But which is better? You decide

Drake Vs

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Can breakfast for dinner light a spark between Michael and Nate?

Recipe For Love: Breakfast For Dinner

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