Comment Awards 88

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Nov 20, 2017


Comment Awards 88
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  • What is the French word for eggplant?
  • Dunno man,E looks right is my name still the CIA from your shitty meme
  • Possible modifications and
  • Certainly do not disturb the pigeons they are consuming the crumbs *sorry mr head guy thing*
  • being a good boys no longer on the agenda fuck you
  • Lettuce club you meet once a year and in this meeting you have an hour to eat an entire head of lettuce
  • Whoever eats the lettuce the fastest is the leader of the lettuce club and has to set up the meeting for next year
  • Do not disturb. I'm on a tight schedule today
  • Exceptions in case of emergency are permitted emergency checklist
  • Are you on fire and I'm the only one that can put you out am I on fire and don't realize it is it the?
  • second coming FAQ
  • Question how's it going answer, but what are you working on stuff?
  • How's stuff going see answer 1 do dolphin sleep? Yes, they are mammals and they do sleep
  • Have a nice day when you playing Mario Kart and you in first place? I?
  • Hear you like bad boys yeah, well, I'm bad at everything
  • Me walking past the dishes in the sink on Thanksgiving
  • Hey citizens of the United States Postal Service did y'all know that uh?
  • What's the name of that famous diagram with the Nagato in jumping jacks with his meat out
  • My mom packed me a four loko from lunch
  • What's the drink you packed for lunch energy drink idk? I think tea for energy? It was in the refrigerator
  • downstairs
  • At one of her meet and greets Turner Swift met a young boy
  • Who complimented her writing he went on to say that he also wanted to be a writer
  • But his friends bullied him for it Turner made him promise to ignore the man to follow his dreams that boy's name
  • William Shakespeare
  • If she ever sent you Newt with our Android and upto me too, it just no you basically knotted two minecraft porn
  • When you're five years old and your parents take you to a fancy restaurant and the waiter asks what you want chicken fingers
  • Man, I need to admit something every time. I'm drunk
  • I make Missouri slightly larger on its Wikipedia page whoever reported me for this and got me bang
  • You are a huge nerd bitch when you become famous
  • You're called a legend because your leg ends what your leg it ends. I'm not a linguist, but I think that's wrong
  • Are you saying your leg doesn't end I mean at some point it does yes?
  • Then what's the problem? It's that time of year when you hop in your car and just start screaming fuck until you're warm again
  • Amber Rose asked club not to play songs by her ex's gonne be a silent night
  • My girlfriend has lost it is she prettier than me. That's post Malone. Sorry. I can't be her
  • This is the last time I use uber just gathering feedback. What would you rate me to be honest man?
  • I'm straight, but probably an 8.5. I mean on uber Oh
  • Am I hi are just like these photo?
  • LMFAO people trying to start shit okay listen up bitch stop talking to my fucking man deep down
  • You don't even want your man first of all you right
  • You guys asked for it should I shave yes
  • 50% no
  • 50%
  • From what did you just put in my drink me wince and whispers you'll see in a few minutes
  • What is the phobia of chainsaws quartz common sense when you win solitaire on the computer
  • When the girl you invited over is so bored by Netflix's shitty films election that she decides to leave
  • Maybe because you were actually trying to watch a movie Brian
  • Nintendo we purposely made our cartridges taste horrible so no but he puts them near their mouth everyone
  • You're a wizard Harry you're a hairy wizard
  • Breaking news big mega bloks asteroid asteroid presumed to hit Earth was stopped by a big nigga scientists amazed
  • Wanna touch my what the hell is this and why did my grandson like it?
  • So what are your intentions with my daughter ass separator?
  • When you pet your cat four times instead of three
  • Your heart thanks you white I'm white Mexican Vietnamese Irish and African, but how many parents do you have
  • Date a girl who wears glasses it's like dating two girls when she takes them off wash off the makeup
  • And then you can date three women hey nice tits Wow Nick. Thank you for your kind words
  • I am sure you struggled with how to best introduce yourself
  • I can only imagine you slaving away over your opening line is hello
  • Too forward is your beautiful too clingy you have selected the bold yet straightforward nice tits and by golly
  • I'm just so impressed with your moxie and unabashed forward Ness
  • I would love to go on a date with you and give you a chance to see my nice tips in person Oh
  • Mr.. Broccoli my mother says I should eat you well to me you shouldn't listen to whores
  • Trying to have conversations on snapchat like what did you say idk I forgot?
  • Hi, I'm a second grade teacher trying to show my students
  • How quickly a post can go viral and change lives if this photo gets 10,000 likes? I will kill them 50
  • 4461 others
  • Wanna see a magic trick wanna see a magic trick
  • comment below a number either 8 9 or 10 8 9 10 7 9 10 8 rate me on how sexy I am
  • Out of 10 while my sis plugs at Thanksgiving about getting her PhD in quantitative
  • Microbiology, I'm gonna be thinking about this time. We took a bath together
  • I was 2 she was 5 I pooped in the tub and she played with it because she thought it was brown play-doh
  • not so smart than we are lol when you're in first in Mario Kart and someone throws a blue shell I
  • Can't stop laughing at this pic from Travis Scott's concept tonight
  • I'm wearing a NASA shirt, and this dude in the gym just said hey man no homo
  • I like that shirt a lot lmao like one. Why would that be gay unto please kiss me?
  • Can you hear noise outside and try to warn your owner, but he tells you to stop barking?
  • Guess he'll die
  • Just bought some jaffa cakes in Tesco for 59p so paid on self-service with a pound coin gives me 1 pound 41 pence change
  • Shears at Tesco hi Josh. Thanks for getting in touch
  • I expect you to enjoy those jaffa cakes since we are paying you they were spot-on
  • Could you DM me the store so I can get the till checked if you have your receipt could you send a big, thanks
  • I'm not a grass. Sorry fucking good on you pal stand your ground don't give them nothing
  • 100 years ago everyone owned a horse and only the rich had cars today
  • Everyone has a car and only the rich have horses. Oh, how the stables have turned
  • Yes X is cool, but have you tried washing your dishes right after you use them, so they never pile up in the sink
  • What's wrong when Paul Walker goes to Vin Diesel's house party in the Fast and the Furious 1 they are playing I got hosed by
  • Ludacris on the stereo, but in 2 fast 2 furious
  • Ludacris appears as street racer tej Parker so in the Fast and Furious universe who sang I got hoes was it tej
  • Was it Ludacris does Ludacris exist and if not what happened to the hoes who got them now other hoes ok?
  • Nothing is this actually happening
  • Hahahaha, what condition is this item in is it still available. It's half a Playstation. What's the condition?
  • I've chopped it in half why you done that
  • Someone offered me 40 pounds for it so cut half of it off and sent it to him
  • Do you want the other half?
  • I will do can you deliver if I give you petrol money you want half a Playstation yeah, please love
  • But it's cut in half. I know it's for someone for Crimbo, but it's fucking half a PlayStation
  • Detroit cops posing as drug dealers tried to arrest Detroit cops posing as drug buyers
  • And then they all had a fistfight in the middle of the street
  • Sources say it started went to Special Ops officers from the 12th prisons were operating a push-off on and over near 7 mile
  • That is when two undercover officers
  • Pretend to be dope dealers waiting for eager customers to approach and then arrest potential buyers and seize their vehicles
  • But this time instead of customer special ops officers from the 11th person showed up not realizing
  • They were fellow officers
  • They ordered the rather undercover officers to the ground
  • Fox to his told the rest of the special ops team from the 12th person showed up and officers began raiding a house in the
  • 19 300 block of Andover
  • But instead of fighting crime officers from both presents began fighting with each other
  • sources say guns were drawn and punches were thrown while the homeowner stood and watched the
  • Department's top cops were notified along with internal affairs
  • Each officer involved is now under investigation as the department tried to determine what went wrong
  • You
  • Hunt off food chain one stop new game. What's on that blue?
  • Hey nice
  • One Matt Kuchar has a brass tube a micro you stay like semi rare yet find cracks soon grass
  • Faster than offense now they say I'm exhausted hey looking for success like I'm crazy and looked it
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Ok ok ok, a man walks into a bar… just kidding. This is not that. This is memes. This is funnier - The Comment Awards. Memes that’ll have you in shambles. Episode 88.

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