Comment Awards 63

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Comment Awards 63
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  • Top 10 Sexiest Women In Anime
  • One like and I will masturbate to gay porn say no more. We said nothing though
  • My mom didn't want me to stress about finals so she made me a bubble bath and added some other stuff
  • My mom tells me to shut up when I'm not even talking
  • Hey Cowbelly, I've been struggling with depression for about 6 years now. It's hard to even get out of bed sometimes
  • But now thankfully I've come across your channel and finally decided to kill myself
  • Top 10 influential political leaders of the last century. I'm not afraid of death
  • sneak 100
  • Barnacle man Barnacle Boi
  • He could save others from death, but not himself
  • No your just fat, LOL. I'd like to see North Korea get through our defenses
  • This girl was meant to send my snap to her friend, but instead she sent it to me
  • Why does this bitch act as if anyone cares?
  • Stupid skit, LoL
  • hardest decision of my childhood
  • This why I don't use Facebook
  • no more selling an iPHone 7
  • It's not in the picture because I used it to take the pic, but this is how big it is, $300
  • this dude skipped class to stream someone told the teacher so they started watching him
  • when someone says they listened to a song before it was popular
  • I hate when people feel the need to take pictures like this we get it. You smoke weed
  • my sister's pregnant
  • I can't wait to find out if I'm gonna be an auntie or a uncle
  • 69, see me after class
  • Me and my dad bonding
  • You will already know what the fuck going on
  • Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
  • when yo barber gay as hell, but no one gets that young line up quite like him
  • Asteroids are flying past Earth more often than usual. enough of the foreplay just hit us already.
  • I'm just one step away from being rich all I need is money
  • This kid on a longboard using a leaf blower to go fast is now my personal hero
  • Dad why is my sister's name rhymes because your mother loves roses good to know thanks that no problem flame-grilled whopper.
  • These stories always get me
  • The printer won't stop jamming
  • whoaa, amber is the color of your energy
  • buy some aflac little bitch
  • when your life is falling apart, but you just got tagged in a meme
  • perfect man doesn't exi-
  • Rajpreethudinghu, 25
  • hello, I nice man look pretty girl for make pregnancy
  • I come College America
  • University school girl at school say Raj precoding who make began a panty moist if you like
  • Rajpreethudinghu who I own gas station free wi-Fi come chat me if you are sexy girl no black
  • When she's about to send ankle pics, but you're at 2%
  • You mess with crabo you get a stabo
  • You'll are angry at North Korea. I'm still mad at this bullshit
  • If he give you bad dick rob him, I'm broke, so you just gonna be disappointed twice
  • He pays for my mails and I pay for his haircuts
  • Just cheated on my test and got a 98 better than when you cheated on me and got an stD
  • Bro, I get high on weed, but you like five years old. I'm 12 and almost 13. owned
  • 2017 has gone too fucking far... Keith Bronie emoji translator
  • Me so like what is this moisturizer good for lush employee
  • If I was on death row, I'd request your ass for my last meal. Why would you be on death Row though?
  • Maybe I kill someone just so that I could stick my face in your booty
  • Brushing your teeth gay as fuck your dudes really sticking something six to eight inches in your mouth
  • Spitting out white stuff the gayest shit ever
  • if the Earth is round how do you explain this checkmate, Nasa?
  • Hosted a street where slash vintage pop-up shop in my city. That's a fuckin garage sale
  • you ever just get a sharp stabbing pain in one of your organs, and you think our fuck. It's finally happening
  • I'm young, lol turning 16 in august oh, aight. aha, yeaa. why? nothing, I was tryna
  • see if you were eight teen or not. Oh, okay! be back in two years
  • I'm back
  • I wonder what this 200 year old salamander of thinks about
  • nutrients
  • McDonald's, what the fuck is this it's part of our new diet plan fat-ass
  • Wish there were sweaters but like, for feet. socks make your own post
  • To grab something soft and squishy would be nice my ass and my tits are and my thighs they are? yup. cool.
  • You like bionicles?
  • Oh boy syrup proper punctuation is everything people you not me an intellectual Voice arab
  • Boots dropped my books well picked them back up there
  • Question one a segmented worm and the men are engaging in a knife fight, which one be weeds knife
  • Every shooting star is one poor bastard falling off Rainbow Road
  • It's practically september which means it's almost October which means spooky time
  • The physical return of christ beep beep letters when you think of some clever shit after the argument is over that would have changed everything
  • Why do alligators walk like they just got their nails done?
  • Apple the most badass fucking fruit on the fucking planet
  • Seriously this motherfucker kicked the shit out of the pussy orange or banana
  • This juicy red motherfucker is the best fucking thing that God has ever created eat an apple and your dick will grow 3 inches
  • Fuck whoa. Look at that badass over there eating an apple
  • When she holds out her hand for a kiss
  • Who would win a fun and original bank mooing some weird box?
  • All right, tommy. I'm leaving the house to run some errands. See you in a bit. Okay. Bye mom
  • Bub's and Vegina
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Welcome to Comment Awards where we look at some of the funniest/weirdest/craziest stuff that happens on the internet. Ep 63.

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