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Nov 09, 2018


Comedian Preacher Lawson | All Performances | America's Got Talent 2017 | Got Talent Global
Comedian Preacher Lawson | All Performances | America's Got Talent 2017 | Got Talent Global thumb Comedian Preacher Lawson | All Performances | America's Got Talent 2017 | Got Talent Global thumb Comedian Preacher Lawson | All Performances | America's Got Talent 2017 | Got Talent Global thumb


  • Hello, hey, you know, what's your name, please? My name is pretty lost. I love that and how old are you?
  • I'm 25, I'll turn 26 in two hours
  • Are you single married? I have a girlfriend you have a girlfriend she's dope. Yeah
  • And what do you do for a living? I'm a stand-up comedian, which means I'm unemployed and I do stand-up on the side
  • All right best of luck
  • Right, I
  • Got a motorcycle I don't like telling people
  • I have a motorcycle cuz every time I tell someone they always gotta tell me a story about how the friends crashed on a motorcycle
  • You know, like why do people have to be so negative? I don't go up to pregnant women telling them my dad left
  • So annoying so annoying I walked at my apartment one time right? I walked in my apartment and my neighbor walked up to me
  • She's like, oh my god. You got a motorcycle. Are you Cyrus? Are you sorry you better be careful
  • I got in a car wreck the other day. My car flipped eight times. I'm looking to be laughs bliss
  • She black by the way
  • Everyone around this is like, you know, that was that is crazy. That's your car flip eight times you alive
  • You are blessed, you know, and now I'm over here thinking who the heck counted right like
  • Who's that called when their cars flipping in it?
  • Warren
  • Let's do it. My name is Bridget. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. That's that
  • Feature can I have just one more joke?
  • Aha
  • Alright, I don't feel safe driving with my grandma because she's really spiritual
  • She loved the Lord to the pole, but she's not afraid of dying. So I don't like that. All right, I
  • Don't like beating Karla someone that's not afraid of death. Okay, like hey, she got that attitude
  • like if I down going to heaven so it don't matter like
  • It does matter cuz I'm gonna call okay
  • This now spiritual my crown is if I got shot in the chest with a gun eight times instead of calling the ambulance
  • She would get on her knees praying like please Lord Jesus I get these demons
  • I sign my grandbabies fast the laptop borders rise up and find ways from his chest black mold to do the Ramseys
  • just more
  • Bluff is Wayne
  • Lil John 3:16
  • Region losses good, welcome back
  • Um, who have you brought with you today? Oh my mom came from China, what's up, there you go
  • Let me get this correct so you haven't seen him in a few years
  • It has flown all the way from China to see you today. Yeah, she flew from Jeff
  • A year, so yeah. I'm just I love you mom
  • Before you get you get into your ad just tell us a little bit about what today means to you now
  • I've been doing stand-up for eight years going in bars
  • Laundromats so that's why being here means so much to me. Well, the stage is all yours. All right, cool
  • So cool about a year ago, I went on a date and I got catfished and uh
  • It's when you meet someone online the meeting person for real and you're like hey that'll match okay
  • You never mustache so line man, right?
  • So I met this girl online. She was very pretty. She was super pretty I made her a person
  • She was just as pretty that's not she got me
  • I the way she got me is when she walks kind of has a lip. We just go
  • Somewhere like whoo, I love long walks on the beach, but it's hard because my legs act up let me know
  • I'm in at this bar downtown right and she was really pretty
  • She's pretty I went over and I bought her a drink. That sounds fine
  • She is y'all I normally don't buy with my drinks cuz I don't drink, you know
  • It's weird for me to get a water get it your own alcohol beverage like yeah. Hey lucky, you know, it's just creepy dude
  • I'm a comedian Bill. Cosby is a comedian anyway
  • What what and so uh
  • Bobby this drink, right and the bar we're at starts playing music, so I can't hear what she's saying, right?
  • So I'm like yo, he's getting out of here. Let's go take a walk around the park, right?
  • She's like I let's do it right when she hopped out chair
  • Cuz she was walking like she's scenes in novels on the ground, but she didn't want anyone to know it
  • She like is that ten dollars cuz it's mine. Yeah
  • Then she became my girlfriend, so that's pretty cool
  • Thank You Gavin is Breslau appreciate
  • Man
  • I don't know why people brag about being single like it's not fun being lonely. I don't like that at all. I don't know
  • I I was single for three years. You know what I've noticed after being single for three years
  • I noticed the longer I'm single the lower. My standards get night real. I was really picky in the beginning
  • I'm like she got like this. She gotta have this now. I'm like who needs teeth, you know like you
  • You smile with your heart and that's all that matters
  • I'm saying cuz I was ugly kid growing up
  • Like I feel out right now, but when I was a kid
  • I was like surprisingly ugly
  • Like if you looked at me too fast, I'd mess you up y'all saying from age 7 to 14
  • My nickname was that's my name. I
  • Need to tell people dishes new sometimes
  • That's why me and my ex broke up because we wanted kids but we couldn't have any kids kind of sad
  • Unless we adopt it. That's the only way we can have children which I do plan on adopting at least one child
  • I feel like everyone should adopt if everyone adopted there'll be no need for foster care, right? So I be yeah, so
  • I do plan on adopting but I do want to biological children of my own me
  • My ex couldn't have me its kind of sex my ex
  • She has a she has a huge forehead and I don't wanna pass those genes down
  • To my children. Okay. Yeah, you're not gonna have my kid looking like Jimmy Neutron. So I was like
  • I mean, don't get me wrong. I still love Tyra. It's just you know, I
  • Know
  • You guys go like when I see our way she waves back. Hi TyTy. You know, what's good? Yeah, that's all good
  • Just saying that you know, she's got big forehead
  • I got some big old lips if we had a son his face would be in 4d is what I'm saying, right?
  • He was getting fights all the time kids yelling. I'm gonna get out my face, you know, he'd be like, I'm across the street man
  • My daddy got big lips. Laughs it's so funny. People used to make fun of my lips as a kid all time
  • Yeah, that's a big lip, you know some soup coolers. You're dissing it like shut up
  • okay, I bet I never drowned I bet that right I
  • Like my lips women like big lips fellas. If you making out with your girl and she can breathe. She ain't happy. Okay, she's not
  • showing like that women love big hips here girls do a selfie they always do like they always do a duckface to do definitely
  • yeah, I
  • Don't know women good faces. I've never seen a duck and thought that's so sexy looking duck like stop
  • No one's driving past pause. I
  • Like no one's doing I think kids are colder
  • I think it's really cool that they can be annoying sometimes cuz I'm really cute
  • You know, I got a four-year-old cousin. Her name is Peyton, right?
  • She looks at me in front of a whole bunch of friends and family says hey preacher. Why are you so ugly?
  • And then she did the robot, right? So everybody was dying so funny when the four-year-old calls me ugly. It doesn't robot
  • It's hilarious until I say something back to her. Like that's why your mama don't know who your daddy is
  • And
  • This you wanna cry, you know, I she crying she started yelling me. Cry your mama
  • Don't know who your daddy is either like psych. My mom do know who my daddy is
  • No, she's gonna know where he's at. You know, like she know him. My name is preacher Lawson. Thank you so much. I appreciate
  • Right, yes, so uh, I was watching Oprah a few years ago cuz on my dark stuff had just how's your plan
  • I can't be against because I'm ticklish. No, you can't be do that and
  • Gangsters go to jail. I can't go to jail. I smile too much. I got a big booty. This is the bad combination. Yeah
  • No, you're looking all right
  • I was watching over him and I've seen this guy in over. Here's a Guinness world record for the fastest claps per second
  • Which is pretty stupid he does
  • 14 claps per second one one thousand that's 14 claps y'all. I got a question
  • How do you find out that you are the fastest clapper in the world, huh?
  • Track me. I
  • Bet you I bet you love me campfires like whoo, I can't start a fire
  • Like 80 brain cells. Oh, yeah, you know, what else is stupid cell phones. They're getting too big
  • It's annoying like every time I swipe down my screen. I feel like I'm playing The Price is Right. I guess hug here
  • I'm like, let's see that on my facebook feed. Let's see. What look at this picture. It's annoying
  • I got a hopscotch the text me I will call you back light out normal, you know
  • I exhausted it is the save a number. What's your number?
  • 4:07
  • Have a asthma attack
  • Side note ladies you ever notice every time a black or a Spanish didn't speak game to you
  • It looked like we using hand sanitizer you ever notice that your let Mohammed you force a little mama
  • What's your name? I'm just saying look I
  • Got me as my screensaver on my phone cuz I like me and
  • This girl's seen they call me conceited. She's like you got user screens there on your phone. Are you serious?
  • Not so conceited. She white by the way, and I was like
  • How am I conceited cuz I got a picture of me on my phone. It's my phone
  • I wouldn't that's like walking in someone's house. And like maybe I picture you and your family everywhere. It's my house. Okay, I
  • Do the whole I don't got any kids
  • It's like I don't got any kids don't got any pets what else gonna be my screensaver
  • So ran the picture of a lake, I can't swim, okay
  • So I got me I got an iPhone 6s plus 128 gig that's a nine hundred and forty dollar phone
  • I I paid my mom paid nine hundred and
  • Forty dollars, my name is preaching Lawson. Happy birthday, Janine. I love you
  • All right
  • so I was walking home the other day and I've seen this naked dude dancing on a trash can and
  • He wasn't fully nigga. He had socks on but it was it's really weird. You know me
  • I don't want to look at him, but I couldn't not look, you know, and then then he caught me looking at him
  • You know how like you standing somebody there you try to play it off like you're not looking at me like ah floor
  • Ceiling over here good, Georgia, Georgia, like you just try to play hop
  • Are you would look at that and he caught me he was like hey now
  • Snap, he ran from one side of the street to the other. He didn't care about his life at all. He was like
  • Hey you stop right in front of a stop hammer time
  • Brother let me tell you something. Let me taste some breathless nut. All right, listen up rabbit. Let me tell you something
  • All right. Listen, I'm gonna tell you a secret you ready for the secret
  • I'm gonna tell you listen up come close come close brother. Come on. Come close. Ah, listen up, brother
  • All right, you'll in Ulan. All right. All right, listen up brother black power. You're gonna say him brother
  • Yeah, black power. Do you hear me? I was like I hear what you're saying, but you're white, so, I don't know why
  • Yeah, it's kind of weird yes, there's hell I
  • Thought what do you want man? Let me tell you what I won't play it hot. Let a brother like me Barbara
  • Let me borrow my Maggie back. Let me borrow
  • $75 I was like, excuse me, sir, but you just skipped a lot of levels, okay?
  • $75 for what? He's like, I'm trying to get a soda. I was like full we're whole foods like why do you need?
  • That even if it's money so I told him I was like listen man, I'm not giving you $75
  • I'm not cuz I only got $10 and I'm not giving you
  • $10 cuz I'm not stupid any amount of money. I give you I'm probably taking and spitting out drugs. I can tell you naked, okay?
  • And he said he this way said back. He was like what?
  • Let me taste some player. All right first off I ain't making I got socks off
  • Second off me and nothing, okay
  • Never in my life playing listen up
  • I never do drugs
  • And then he just uh, he
  • Flew away so that was that ha ha I like doing this joke. There's always few people in the crowd like dying laughter
  • They're right. Next door Montano. He won't do this for
  • Still go on. My name is Richard Lawson. Thank you so much. I appreciate you

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