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Individual freedom vs the collective good - a thoughtful video: [ Youtube.com Link ]

The Roof That Keeps Bermuda Alive

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My Dad just turned 86 in farm quarantine - working man's hands.

(photo & gluten-free 'cake' by sister AJ)
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Want to do a space project from home? Here are several, for all ages: [ Bit.ly Link ] and [ Bit.ly Link ]
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‪Watch this, from @MythBusters [ Youtu.be Link ] (snot a surprise,@donttrythis)‬

Mythbusters Contamination

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Most space movies make me cringe. My reviews, from 2001 (yay!) to Armageddon (wince): [ Bit.ly Link ]
Vanity Fair

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Reviews Space Movies, from 'Gravity' to 'Interstellar' | Vanity Fair

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We're all in this together. Do your part, please.

(images this week from the DSCOVR satellite - thanks NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration!)
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Watched The Wizard of Oz with my granddaughter last night. She loved it, & Dorothy was right. Stay at home!
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Who's the most isolated of all - & how do we deal with it?
An Astronaut's Guide: [ Youtube.com Link ]

An Astronaut's Guide to Self Isolation

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Listen to the experts, thanks.
[ Bit.ly Link ]
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