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It’s been a heck of a ride for Zion Tauamiti. After a near-death experience the big-hearted youth worker is back, helping the kids of Christchurch - only this time he’s doing it differently. Frank Film #NZOnAir

Zion - Doing the Mahi Differently

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Lydia Bradey is a truly remarkable New Zealander. Don’t know her story? Watch Frank Film and be inspired. #NZOnAir

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Lydia Bradey - Starting from the Bottom

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Did you know selective breeding was once government policy in New Zealand? Frank Film looks into the eugenics movement and the unlucky New Zealanders caught up in it. #NZOnAir

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Eugenics in NZ

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In the final week of campaigning we’re up close and personal with Christchurch’s main mayoral candidates who invited Frank Film into their homes, and kitchens. Well, to be fair, Frank invited themselves…

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Dates with the Mayoral Candidates

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Post-quake many property investors took their insurance money and fled Christchurch. And, with foreign investors failing to show, Frank Film finds a few plucky locals taking a punt on building a city.

The Investors

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More Frank!

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Christchurch’s pristine water is world renowned and safe to drink straight from the tap. But will this statement ring true in 50 or 100 years? Dr Alistair Humphrey fears not. He tells Frank Film why.

Dairy Farming and The Water We Drink

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New Zealand in 1900 had seen nothing like it - a mega-mansion, the largest wooden house in the land. It’s survived earthquakes, vandals and squatters. Frank Film asks, what next for McLean’s Mansion?

What's next for McLean's Mansion

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To be a Christchurch Auntie you have to be kind and ‘non-judgey’. The Aunties now number 2,500, a network of people providing practical support to victims of domestic violence. As Frank Film finds, traumatic events in a community can bring out the worst in people, but also the best.

The Aunties

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A year before the 2011 earthquake Christchurch’s historic Arts Centre upped its insurance cover by $90M. A decision that would ultimately save the largest collection of heritage buildings in New Zealand.

Frank Film checks in on the mammoth restoration project - the largest of its type in the world.

Christchurch’s Arts Centre - A Remarkable Restoration

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