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Chris Melberger posted on May 22, 2019

Chris Melberger

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when middle schoolers discover curse words

when middle schoolers discover curse words

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girlfriend scare cam returns

Shan Dude
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everyone immediately after they open their airpods for christmas
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Facebook likes to notify us on a lot of important stuff.

Facebook Notifications In Real Life

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that one guy in twitch chat

that one guy in twitch chat

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anxiety factor
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that's the tea
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my 5th tattoo! 4th one this year. super excited with how this came out. cardinals have always been so inspiring and badass to me. we used to get them all the time at our bird feeder and my mom used to love talking about them. also growing up as a kid we lived on cardinal drive and i made so many awesome memories in my childhood home so it’s nice to have a constant reminder of where i came...


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