Hi name is chris, i am 33 year old dude. i work on the air force base as a janitor. worked their for 12 and a half years.i used to live in a group-home because of what happened in in the winter of 2010. i got scammed to death. and im a real nice sweet guy. im easily take advantage of. i take things serious at times. im a softy. I love women. but very shy most of the time.. i like athletic females. i like ladies who wants to get out and do fun stuff. like whatever. im a playful guy. i never had a REAL girlfriend. just fake kinds. meaning of that is. kinda relationships that don't work that well. it easily fails... ive been child abused in my childhood times. it wasn't all that great. i like sharing my films on YouTube i have 2 accounts on YouTube. YouTube.com/dietzchris and YouTube.com/sweetman9174
i like RAP, R&B, METAL, POP,CLASSICAL and some Romantic music. I have my own paid off House at Four Hills Mobile home park..

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