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The woman suing the star says she endured emotional distress after her picture was tweeted to the singer's millions of Twitter followers.

Lizzo Is Being Sued By The Woman She Accused Of Stealing Her Food Delivery

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“Back in those days, there was a little bit less open-mindedness to having gay characters,” director Sam Irvin told BuzzFeed News.

The Story Behind The Viral 2004 Christmas Movie With Two Versions — One With Two Dads And Another With Straight Parents

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In this week's newsletter: a British mummy blogger admits to creating a fake account to trash other influencers, and the stressful paradigm that's created when photoshopping advances...as our obsessions with spotting it also increases.

I Don’t Know What’s In The Water In The UK, But They Keep Getting The Best Tea

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A 21-year-old black student who received the food order said managers had brushed off the incident as a joke.

A Restaurant Employee Who Used The N-Word On A Food Order For A Black Server Has Been Fired

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"They’re usually racist, homophobic and transphobic, don’t believe in vaccines or climate change, and are mostly also the parents of Gen Z children."

Gen Z Is Calling Gen X The "Karen Generation"

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The tail doesn't seem to be causing any problems, it just makes him extra lovable.

This Puppy Named Narwhal Has An Extra Tail On His Head And I Would Probably Die For Him

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Because laughter is the best medicine for our pain and broken hearts and all the tears we shed over the deaths of our favorite characters.

30 Things For Anyone Who Needs A Little Humor In Their Life

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Caroline Calloway, Elsie Larson, Emily Schuman and more of the biggest influencers in the game weigh in on Instagram's big change.

Influencers Say They’re Not Worried About Instagram Likes Being Hidden — In Fact They Support It

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You wanted to be Effy, don't lie.

"Skins" Is Having A Moment On TikTok And The Nostalgia Is Real

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