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  • back in the 40s Jeep came out with the Willy's MB for World War 2 and these
  • things were put through the wringer and I say her bro
  • then the CJ came out which stands for civilian Jeep which was the first Jeep
  • to support this iconic body style in 1987 the CJ was replaced by the YJ the
  • first autonomous driving Jeep just kidding so you may ask the question why
  • should you buy a Jeep well reason 127 if they install a retaining wall in front
  • of your driveway you won't be late for dinner
  • plus you can customize it however you want it's named after a gene company
  • again just kidding and there's a little thing called the Jeep waved protocol and
  • there's only two rules that 60% of the time they're followed every time so I
  • think it's time for trav and I to build not buy a Jeep Wrangler well although
  • we've been able to have a ton of fun in this 911 it is one incredible machine
  • it's taking quite the hit on her bank account after about a month of ownership
  • and so I thought it would be in our best interest to find another car
  • when I say car what I mean is actually a Jeep Wrangler a 2001 four litre
  • five-speed so let's go check this thing out so I rolled up to this beautiful
  • property and at first glance this Jeep looked like a winner
  • so I met Jack the owner who seemed like a super nice guy and it looked like he
  • was also selling a pretty honest Jeep so as we started walking around the car
  • little red flag started to appear for starters this spare didn't match the
  • other wheels coming around the front he said that this wind shear hadn't been
  • working in a couple of years and he really didn't even know why it's
  • probably gonna be a fun one for trash and when I opened the hood I saw there
  • was scrapyard numbers on the valve cover which then I learned that not only this
  • radiator had been replaced but also the cylinder that good news for us fun fact
  • this Jeep actually was imported from Canada which means that it has the
  • daylight running lights and the metric gauge cluster which I learned that Jack
  • had actually converted this cluster over two miles per hour which I hope will
  • help with resale value so to see if this Jeep was the one it was time to take it
  • for a drive
  • Jeep's went into production in 1941 for our military and what they built was a
  • platform for the longest mass production four-wheel drive vehicle and in turn
  • crafted a whole new car segment the SUV and since they did that they've become
  • the ultimate vehicle for the young or young at heart we want to epitomize an
  • active lifestyle and arguably join the most active enthusiast forum for any car
  • truck this rig here is the perfect blend of a vehicle that you can take to work
  • during the week and then rip the top off go down to the beach or up a mountain
  • and just have the biggest blast of your life and now that I've spent some time
  • in this Jeep there's a couple cosmetic and a few mechanical issues that I think
  • trap can figure out but I think that we need to go see Jack and make an offer so
  • let's go I got back from the road test and the
  • Jeep seemed to drive really well and the only caveat was the fact that he wanted
  • to only include the hardtop at a full asking price but the fact that the winch
  • wasn't working there are a few other issues and these tires were completely
  • bald I was able to negotiate 2,000 dollars off of the asking price and get
  • the hardtop so for $5,000 we were able to get this whole Jeep with the hardtop
  • back to the ideal garage and so now it's time to take that top
  • off because everything's more fun topless and get this thing washed up so
  • trav can check it out Brad bought us this Wrangler for a seemingly very
  • reasonable $5,000 and besides some bald tires and a couple minor body issues it
  • seemed to be in pretty good shape now these jeeps are notorious for rust
  • specifically around the rear floorboard or trunk pan as well as the floorboards
  • and body seams right next to the front seats so make sure you check both sides
  • next we'll have a look underneath the hood now these inline sixes are
  • generally very reliable so as long as we don't see any crazy aftermarket
  • accessories or anything that's blatantly out of place there isn't a ton to be
  • concerned with under here as always inspect the brake fluid because it's so
  • commonly missed and take a close look at the battery for any signs of corrosion
  • or damaged so rust and aftermarket accessories are the two most common
  • things that plagued this generation jeep so make sure you do a thorough
  • inspection have any aftermarket devices you find next we get our Jeep up in the
  • air so that we can do a proper inspection of the suspension these jeeps
  • often see off-road use so it's not completely uncommon to have worn out
  • suspension components closely inspect all four tires
  • because tires this size are not cheap and clearly ours are going to need
  • replacement continue your search for rust specifically on the frame and any
  • of the suspension connecting brackets take a close look at the transfer case
  • for any signs of leakage and closely inspect the brake lines for any signs of
  • damage I'm pleased to report that after my initial inspection besides this winch
  • not working our jeeps pretty mechanically sorted so unlike some of
  • our previous cars this chief doesn't need so much mechanical repairs as it
  • does some cosmetic enhancements to become an ideal car this is gonna be a
  • fun one it's great news that trav gave this Jeep a relatively clean bill of
  • health which means we can get some new wheels
  • and tires but also we have a budget for some cosmetic upgrades
  • before you say a single word trap let's get these bullshit up they are
  • burning trap so I know you're jealous that I brought all these parts back but
  • man I got some cool 33 and a half by 12 and a half reals and tighter switch
  • let's go out with the old and in with the new
  • so as you can see these lights they're pretty outdated and to do any serious
  • kind of off-roading in an early model Jeep Wrangler like this one you're gonna
  • need to upgrade the lights we're gonna update these headlights and refresh this
  • grille now simply replacing the headlights with factory units would be a
  • pretty straightforward task but we've opted to upgrade our headlights with
  • some aftermarket units that may require a bit of customization so to deal with
  • this grille we're gonna have to disconnect these cables that run through
  • it that powers the winch now our winch
  • doesn't work so I'm hoping that by removing this cover we may uncover the
  • problem with our winch itself just two four millimeter Allen's holds the cover
  • on and taking a quick poke around I discovered that at least one of the
  • connectors had a sizable amount of corrosion in it so as you can see here
  • there's actually quite a bit of corrosion built up on two of these pins
  • so we're gonna clean it up I'm gonna plug this back in maybe we'll get lucky
  • and it'll fix the winch I use a special tool for cleaning electrical terminals
  • it's basically a tiny file and a little bit of my favorite electrical contact
  • cleaner then with everything plugged in
  • well it appears that we fixed the wish a working winch is certainly a huge win
  • for us but the previous installer ran all the wiring for it through the grill
  • so we have to disconnect it and get it out of the way for now these headlamps
  • are held in by just three fasteners on the back and three tiny screws around
  • these chrome bezels on the front without too much effort the bezels pop off and
  • our headlights are out
  • so instead of spending a couple hundred dollars on a new core support I was able
  • to find this grill cover to get that one I was able to find this grill cover
  • which is gonna make the front look a lot more modern and also some headlights to
  • update the light before we can install our new aftermarket grill we have to
  • remove the old chrome surrounds which should pull off easily
  • I have Brad start cleaning up the core support where the grill mounts as I
  • start getting the headlights ready to go back in the Jeep we'll be reusing the
  • jeeps factory headlamp brackets so take the chrome rings off and swap the
  • headlamps into the old brackets themselves so before I let travitt to
  • carried away with this trim I realized it was gonna match the rest of the theme
  • in the car and so I got to use my favorite product plastidip
  • wait for the paint to dry then reassemble the headlamp assemblies it's
  • time to reinstall take extra care when installing your headlights you want to
  • make sure not to scratch the lenses or pinch any of the wiring now lucky for us
  • these headlights are plug-and-play - the halos our new headlights are installed
  • and I think they look great and since it was Brad's idea to install a cap over
  • this room get out of here man you work too hard I'm gonna install this hey
  • Travis hold me before you install this cap make
  • sure you hit this tape with our adhesive tape ready to go and the core support
  • cleaned up our new grilles fits perfectly using the new supplied
  • hardware for the grille installing it is quick and easy and with just four quick
  • bolts - on the top and two in the headlamp bezels the girl's done with our
  • new headlights and Grille installed it's time to figure out wiring up these halos
  • and I'm gonna reroute the winch run as while I'm at not only does rerouting the
  • winch harness further clean up the front of our Jeep but it also gets the wiring
  • away from the radiator we opted to add a little corrugated tubing to help protect
  • the harness and also to clean up the front just that little bit more
  • corrugated tubing can be a bit of a pain to work with but the end result I think
  • makes it worth it we simply trim the tubing at the desired length with the
  • razor and attach the entire thing to the harness using zip ties to finish up the
  • job we spray all our connections with an anti-corrosive this will help ensure the
  • fact that our winch is going to work when we need it with our winch wiring
  • out of the way it's time to tackle these halos both of these wires are actually
  • power wires one wire lights the halo up white and the other one lights it up
  • orange now we're choosing to splice our halo
  • into the turn signal harness since we don't have a wiring diagram for the Jeep
  • a quick tip I have is simply power the circuit up and start attaching the halo
  • wires to different pins in an attempt to reverse engineer the circuit once you
  • identify which wire is which mark the connector
  • I used a razor blade and made some hieroglyphs with our connector marked
  • it's time to cut and strip the fact we harness now on any automotive
  • application I prefer to use marine buck connectors the reason for that is they
  • actually have a little bit of sealant inside so when you heat them up not only
  • did these act as heat shrink and collapse down around the wire but also a
  • small amount of sealant works its way to the edges to create a completely
  • watertight connection and with brad behind the wheel we need to make this
  • Jeep as waterproof as possible using the correct gauge crimp connector slide it
  • on to one of the stripped wires and simply crimp it down you'll notice that
  • on most wire crimpers there's a colored dot next to the part of the tool where
  • you should be crimping that same colored connector twist the two ends of the
  • appropriate wires together add a small amount of heat shrink and insert the two
  • twisted wires into the other side of the crimp connector crimp it down then use a
  • little bit of heat to create a watertight seal now a heat gun is the
  • preferred method but sometimes you've got to work with what you've got after
  • waiting for the crimp connector to cool down slide the heat shrink over and use
  • a little heat on that to do this for the other wire and repeat the process on the
  • other side then finally finish tidying up upstairs stand back and admire your
  • work these new lights look spectacular
  • headlights installed working it's time to move on to our next lighting upgrade
  • we're gonna install an LED light bar installing a light bar on one of these
  • Wranglers is actually a pretty straightforward task you simply need to
  • remove the fasteners from the existing windshield bracket and install your new
  • light bar brackets over them now unfortunately our kit didn't come with
  • new fasteners so we had to source our own we decided the best way to route the
  • wiring for our light bar would be to run it underneath the cowl so step one to
  • removing the cowl is removing the windshield wiper arms you just need to
  • slide the clip for the wiper arm down and the wiper arm should pull right off
  • then remove the seven Phillips head fasteners holding the cattle on don't
  • forget the two fasteners hidden underneath the hood seal
  • take care when removing the couch it is metal and will easily scratch the hood
  • while the cowls off take this opportunity to clean up any debris you
  • find specifically around the Cowell drain install the bracket on the other
  • side we want to get everything installed before we tighten anything down
  • so just screw the fasteners in by hand then with the help of a friend install
  • the light bar we don't want to Snug anything up just yet we wanted to get
  • our light bar wired into first now when Brad bought us this light bar he also
  • bought a wiring harness kit so using the exact same wiring practices we employed
  • on our Tedd lights we're gonna wire our new harness kit to the light bar itself
  • being very careful not to actually pinch any of our new wires we were able to run
  • our harness underneath the light bar bracket and with that portion of the
  • harness installed it's time to tighten down the light bar brackets themselves
  • with our brackets tight we adjust the light bar and snug it down now you'll
  • need to choose a location for the light bar relay we found that this little body
  • post that's already being used to hold part of the body harness worked
  • perfectly now there are several ways you can run your light bar to power but the
  • kit we got with came with these little eyelets so we're just gonna simply
  • attach these eyelets to the battery terminals install your light bar eyelets
  • to your battery terminals take this opportunity to clean up any corrosion if
  • there is any also our harness kit came with an extra connector that we're just
  • gonna seal up with some dielectric grease with our hardest hooked up and
  • our relay mounted it's time to choose a place for the switch we decided the best
  • place to put our switch would be on the driver's side speaker trim we run the
  • wiring for our switch through an existing body plug that's already
  • carrying wires for the wiper motor just pull the plug out and feed the new
  • wiring down then from the inside of the Jeep pull the wires through now we're
  • gonna need to modify our speaker trim or the switch and sometimes the simplest
  • solution is the most elegant one so with the help of a drill bit we made our
  • switch a new home now our switch came with a nice rubber gasket already
  • attached to it so we didn't have to worry too much about making our incision
  • look beautiful look the switch up to the wiring and reinstall the speaker trim
  • reinstall the cowl cover put back all the screws you removed and reinstall
  • your wiper arms remove the plastic protective coating from the light bar
  • and let it shine well I think finally the front of this Jeep is looking pretty
  • spectacular I think we're about done up here not so fast
  • when we were putting in these headlights we saw that this Jeep had been pre-wired
  • for factory fog lights so I sourced these Hellas and we're gonna light up
  • the world Brad was able to find us the exact fog
  • lights that belong on this Jeep no wiring splicing or modifying required
  • just bolt them on tighten them down plug-and-play so now the front of the
  • Jeep is done let's go take a look at the back we were able to source some really
  • cool tail lights for the rear of this Jeep which will upgrade it just like we
  • did the front and following the instructions installing these tail
  • lights was a snap and they look killer now Brad did a fantastic job installing
  • these tail lights there's just one problem though these lights they blink
  • faster those install luckily though the problem is easily fixed by simply
  • replacing the flasher relay with one that's designed to work with LEDs
  • to gain access to our flash of relay we need to remove the two Phillips head
  • screws holding our steering column trim together
  • remove the screws then remove the upper portion of the column cover now luckily
  • I happen to know where the flasher relay lives on this generation Jeep but if
  • you're having trouble finding yours a quick tip I have for you I simply turn
  • on the hazards and listen for the relay clicking out with the old and in with
  • the new then just simply reinstall the column trim pay extra close attention to
  • the trim pieces that go around the steering column stalks make sure they're
  • fully seated and reinstall your screws so now that we've tackled not only the
  • front but the back of the Jeep it's time to give the inside a little bit of
  • attention I feel like the easiest way to enhance the interior of this Jeep is to
  • Rhyno line it and since strap isn't here I'm gonna try to call a couple of
  • buddies and see if I can get some help and help was hard to find
  • I threw the gauntlet at my buddy's beer pizza a free back massage nothing worked
  • so I had to do it myself so the first step to this job was to remove all eight
  • bolts and pull out both captain's chairs then do the same for the rear bench seat
  • and pull out all the carpet then with a bucket of hot soapy water soaked down
  • the entire floor and scuff the paint with some 80 grit sandpaper to make it
  • easy for the Rhino liner to stick we are almost ready to start Rhino lining but
  • before we squared on the product there's one more step we need to take and that
  • is masking off everything we don't want Rhino liner on so you need some blue
  • painters tape and also like a bunch of old tax returns or newspaper or
  • something and look at that masking job to apply a nice even layer use this back
  • and forth motion and hit everything that you scuffed with the 80 grit sandpaper
  • so we just finished our first coat wait one hour between applications and then
  • it takes about five to seven days before you can actually get it wet and it is a
  • night and day difference it looks awesome
  • man this thing turned out incredible yeah no definitely and this is actually
  • our maiden voyage I just got a call from our buddy Ryan that got his old truck
  • stuck up and reader bit out of all places so having a capable Jeep like
  • this we might as well go up there and try to pull them out huh yeah looking
  • for it man we actually do it I know
  • so Ryan had been sitting there for over two hours waiting for us and we both got
  • out of the Jeep and trav tried to get it unstuck which I couldn't so we decided
  • we'd have to tell I got travel on his knees because I didn't want to get dirty
  • and when yanked it out with the truck unstuck Bryan couldn't quit talking
  • about this Jeep and since I know he was a Jeep guy I thought it would be a great
  • opportunity to show him around what we had done and after running Ryan through
  • the list of things that we were able to accomplish on this Jeep and really make
  • it our own he seemed pretty interested and even though we were really looking
  • forward to spending the next few weeks having a good time with this thing Ryan
  • made us an offer we couldn't refuse plus trav selling it to Ryan keeps the car in
  • the ideal family so since it was such an impromptu purchase that we sold it to
  • our buddy let's recap our 2001 jeep wrangler our
  • initial investment was $5,000 but we immediately spent another 2 grand on a
  • wheel and tire package oh yeah and then we put those cool halo lights light bar
  • and I was able to source some of those hella fog lights then we followed the
  • front end up by fixing the winch and installing that updated grille and that
  • rhinoliner turned out awesome I would suggest it
  • for everybody finally we rounded it out with updated
  • taillights for the rear but honestly what I think sealed the deal with Ryan
  • was that I am the black sheep of the family tire cover that I snuck on he
  • related and after it was all said and done we made over $4,000 on this Jeep
  • Wrangler but getting to watch the final sunset with our Jeep with one of our
  • best friends priceless
  • another common thing that goes wrong with these jeeps is all the effort rust
  • and aftermarket accessories are the two most common things that plague these
  • aftermarket so unlike some of our previous cards so instead of spending it
  • so instead of spending hundreds of dollars to replace this core support I
  • was able to find this cover grill so inspect the reason for that is they
  • actually have a little bit of sealant inside so when you heat them up and they
  • have with our headlights installed and working it's time to move on to our next
  • lighting upgrade we're gonna install an LED light bar so instead of spending
  • hundreds of dollars on a core support here I was able to find this cover for
  • the grill

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In the fourth episode of Ideal Cars, Brad and Trav pick up this TJ Jeep Wrangler. With a broken winch, and 90's wheels with worn out tires, this Jeep was ready for some enhancements!

The goal was to make it a fun Jeep that would be reliable on the trails for the next owner.

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