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✨ Incoming! ✨ Mood-boosting, mind-clearing, Hemp ring reveal!
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Happy hemp Wednesday!! Which one is your go-to...candle or bath bomb?! ✨
Both on sale now! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Happy hemp Wednesday!! Which one is your go-to...candle or bath bomb?! ✨ Both on sale now! http://bit.ly/CA_SALE2020

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WARM & COZY! Let our 'Enchanted Woods' candle set the mood in your home, only to find a ring band to stack and style later on!
p.s. it's on SALE now! [ Bit.ly Link ]


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[GIVEAWAY!] We might not know much right now, but we do know there’s one thing to look forward to as you #stayhome, and that's jewelry reveals!! ✨ We've been seeing tons already, and now we want to reward some of the best reveals out there with a $50 e-gift card each week!

To enter:
1) Like this post
2) Tag a friend in the comments
3) Take a photo/video of your next candle or bath bomb...
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Marianne Peters
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Jessica Enrico

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Feeling a little blue? Gummy bear is here for you! ✨

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​Kudos to @lush4lush for the pics!

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Pampered in pink! ✨ Congrats Jill for winning this weeks 'ManiMonday'! Want to enter this weekly challenge? Simply show off your #mani on social using the hashtags #manimonday and #charmedaroma to win a FREE RING!

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Darlene Cheryl
HAPPY NATIONAL PUPPY DAY! In times like this, let's celebrate our furry friends more than ever! So here are some pics of our furry fans around the world!

The paw-some photos are thanks to Sarah N‎, Jessica EG‎, Julie A‎, and Lyndsey C!

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Ảnh từ bài viết của Charmed Aroma

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SPOTTED: backyard bunny!! Now is a great time to get creative indoors (or your backyard!) to share your latest reveals with us by tagging @CharmedAroma or #CharmedAroma! Whenever we feature your photos/videos, you get a FREE ring!! ✨

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WHO COULD USE ONE?!! Transport yourself to better times when you're surrounded by blue and purple swirls, coastal scents, and later -- a Blue Opal ring! ✨
Relax & unwind with our Chill Pill bath bomb here: [ Bit.ly Link ]


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