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Channel JERRY

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The best of Jerry Seinfeld's stand up comedy, comedians in cars getting coffee (on Netflix) and 'Seinfeld'.

I'm not Jerry Seinfeld, just a fan. You could consider this channel as a tribute to Jerry Seinfeld and his contemporaries. As a comedy/Seinfeld fan, I started making a channel on YouTube that I would really enjoy following myself. I love making these videos, and all the likes, views, and positive reactions are awesome.

This extremely fun after-work-hobby is also time-consuming. I obviously do not own the content in any of the videos. Netflix and others allow me to produce and publish these compilations on YouTube. In exchange, they get all the ad revenue off the videos. I want to keep cranking videos out and improve the channel. In order to do so, I created the merch-for-the-rest-of-us store.

Thanks again for all the views, likes and subs. Feedback is always welcome!

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